We would like to thank you warmly for your use: hospital donated Mouth guards to the staff

A mockery or a nice gesture? About Twitter Users discuss a letter from the Klinikum Stuttgart, which was posted on the Social Media platform. “We would like to thank them sincerely for their commitment to tackling the Corona pandemic. As a gesture of thanks, you will receive the mouth-nose masks made of cotton, you are welcome to use in everyday life”, – stated in the letter to the private hospital staff. He is on the 26. June 2020-dated until the beginning of July it was published on Twitter and since then, hundreds of times, commented on and shared. The publisher of the letter writes: “Who’s going to the balcony to Clap?” – a nod to the evening round of applause for the helpers of the corona of a crisis. The social gesture has also been criticized: What is applause if the state finances the health care system?

Also in the Twitter comments can be clearly read, such as the arrives thanks to the gesture of the Stuttgart hospital. “Insolence”, “embarrassed”, “cynical” is called. Tireless efforts with a mouth-nose protection “reward”? Especially since the mask is mandatory since April and thus, each has the everyday masks. How has meant the hospital of the gesture and there are other bonuses for the staff of the hospital? The star at the Klinikum Stuttgart in demand.



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“The masks were not intended as a gratuity, but as a thank you”

A spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the letter. He says in a statement that the mouth, nose and were thought of masks as a bonus, but as an expression of thanks. They should be no Alternative to such monetary rewards. Last week, the Board of Directors of the hospital in Stuttgart have decided to take a Covid-19-premium for around half of all employees of the Klinikum Stuttgart. “Probably with the July salary over 3500 colleagues get up to 400 euros,” he says. The one-off payment of 400 Euro, trainees are granted to Employees up to a certain content group 200 euros. The Bonus is the staff, the nurses and function services, medical-receives-technical assistants, and employees in engineering, cleaning, warehouse and logistics. Except for Doctors and the administration. The “Stuttgarter Zeitung” reported that the total sum of the bonus payments is estimated to be 1.2 million Euro.

One day’s special leave as a gift to the city

In Stuttgart, the bonus payment is not considered anywhere positive. Because the staff of other hospitals will not receive the extra payment. Clinics with non-profit agencies are not able to provide the financial support at the time. In view of the above, also the gift of the city of Stuttgart looks to their employees as a drop in the ocean: There will be a day of special leave may be taken until the end of 2021.

Source: Newspaper “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, Twitter

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