Sickly Sweet: Ways To Detox After Halloween Trick Or Treat

Most of us can’t help but get into the fun that Halloween brings and even the healthiest and the most disciplined people have given in to the sweets at one point. Moderation is good but for a night of giving into sweet temptations, you have the tendency to go overboard. Of course, there would be endless “you should have stopped me” the day after but what’s done is done. The only thing you can do is move past the sweetness overload you have taken the previous night and detox.

Too many sweets cause the body to go into a physical and emotional roller coaster. When you put sweets in your mouth you get a surge of a feel-good hormone called dopamine with addictive properties. As the sugar floods the bloodstream, the pancreas releases the insulin to control the blood glucose levels that suppresses leptin, the ‘fullness’ hormone, thus, making your brain give the approval of grabbing more sweets for the night. When glucose is digested rapidly, dopamine is spiked and blood levels fall quickly. Your instinct will tell you to eat another jolt of that energy.

Here are some ways on how you could detoxify after Halloween:

Drink water to flush out the sugar and toxins from your body

Make it a priority to drink loads of water the day after the Halloween parties and gathering. It will not only help flush out your sweet decisions but it will also give you more energy to tackle the day. Water is life. The party must have been wild and you’ve been a lot of water, which means you could have that hangover. Water should be on top of your list. If you’re bored with drinking bland, plain water, be creative and create a fruit smoothie.

Exercise to burn the calories you’ve accumulated during the trick or treat party

The temptation to nap is too much appealing. Resist it. This will help your muscles use the blood sugar instead of just storing it. The exercise does not have to be hardcore. A simple walk in the street or around the neighborhood would be fine. There is a study citing that adults walking 15 minutes after every meal have lower levels of blood sugar than those who walk 45 minutes late in the morning or before dinner.

Loads of sugar intake will make you crave it more. So, instead of just making this a one-night treat of giving into temptation, this could lead to a series of sugar cravings where you’ll find yourself reaching for a stash of sweets every now and then. What to do, eh?  Take Jackie Warner’s advice. The trainer said to take 5 days to wean off the sugar and refined carbs by eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies instead. If forgoing the sugar altogether is impossible, check out some tips for reducing sugar cravings. There are food alternatives you could eat to avoid sweets.

You may want to swear off the calories in the world after a sugar binge but eating a food with other nutrients will help kick the undesirable crash of sugar from quick digestion. A spoonful of peanut butter will give you fat and protein to slow digestion.

Sleep early to lose more weight

The holiday can take away your sleep time whether you are the one who hosted the party or just spent the entire hours of the night corralling trick-or-treaters. How to make sure you don’t get tired all day? Fill your diet with foods that could fight the fatigue. Make a point to go to sleep early tonight. This could benefit you to avoid feeling overly tired for the rest of the week.

Eat nourishing foods to stabilize your blood sugar

You have had enough of the processed stuff. Now is the time to eat the real, healthy ones. Why don’t you start with a smoothie packed with nutrients? You can even go for a kale salad for lunch and a spicy carrot detox ginger soup for your dinner. A produced-rich meal plan will help your body crave the good food instead of the bad ones.

The night of an amazing Halloween felt great but it flushed the vitamins out of your body. What you need to do is indulge yourself in fruits and vegetables. They will help your body rebound after the long night partying.

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