Great new study: herd immunity is impossible for tourists tested in Greece, a positive effect on Corona

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 11 million people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, 197.341 of them in Germany. The disease Covid-19 has already claimed over half a Million deaths. The latest news on Corona-crisis in Germany, Europe and the world read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Covid-19-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: study: Even mild Covid-19-the course can lead to brain damage (07.13 PM) Corona-infection numbers in Tulsa since Trump-appearance increased significantly (06.14 PM) violence outbreak in Corona-protests in Serbia (06.13 p.m.) Three of the Koblenz student residences due to Corona under quarantine (19.43 hrs)

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TOP NEWS: study: Even mild Covid-19-the course can lead to brain damage

06.47 PM: Even mild gradients of Covid-19, according to a study in the Sufferers of serious brain damage. Your investigation, it’ll be more common than previously suspected to tend to fatal complications, including delirium, nerve damage and strokes, said a team of Doctors from London on Wednesday.

"We were able to identify more patients with neurological damage such as inflammation in the brain as a gedacht", the researchers, Michael Zandi, University College London, said. The findings did not always correlate with the severity of the Covid-19-symptoms, he said. In the study, 43 patients in whom either Covid-19 demonstrated, or was supposed to have been involved. The Team of Doctors noted in ten cases, a temporary brain malfunction, in twelve cases, a brain inflammation, in eight cases, strokes, and in a further eight cases, nerve damage. The results of the investigation were published in the journal "Brain" published. Andre Lucas/dpa

The study suggests that complications in the brain, Covid-19-may be some patients more frequently than previously thought. However, experts also said that this means that brain damage in Covid-19 were widespread. Since the disease is only in the last few months, "we don’t know yet what long-term damage Covid-19 cause kann", the study involved researchers Ross Paterson said. His advice: "Doctors need to be about possible neurological damage to be aware, since early diagnosis can improve the course of the disease kann".

TOP NEWS: Covid-19-cases in Tulsa since Trump performance increased significantly

06.14 PM: About two and a half weeks after the controversial election campaign rally, US President, Donald Trump in Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma is in the city, a significantly increased Rate of infections with the Coronavirus have been found. As the local health authority announced on Wednesday, was last recorded an increase in cases of infection by 266 within 24 hours. Already on the two previous days it had been more than 200 new cases. Reuters/Sue Ogrocki/AP/dpa Donald Trump in June, during the kick-off campaign event in Tulsa.

The head of the municipal health services, Bruce Dart, did not want to rates explicitly a connection between the increased infection and Trumps-election on 20. June, to connect. He called, however, it "more than wahrscheinlich", the increase in the Numbers with "several major events in front of a little more than two Wochen" in connection standing.

In the first two weeks after the Trump event, a decline in new infections had been noted in Tulsa. In the case of a Coronavirus infection, it can take around two weeks to show symptoms.

Violence outbreak in Corona-protests in Serbia

Thursday, 9. July, 06.13 PM: For the second day in a row in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, initially peaceful demonstrations against the Corona-crisis management of the government in violence handled. The police continued on Wednesday night again used tear gas against Protest participants, the cast, for their part, stones and firecrackers on the officials. Earlier, the President Aleksandar Vucic had a lock on the waiver of an announced output due to the rapidly increasing Corona-infection numbers in view.

In Belgrade it will "definitiv" sharper Corona-restrictions than the last, stressed Vucic on Wednesday afternoon. The crisis staff of his government notes, however, "to be of the view that there is no curfew to give sollte", he added. The final decision will fall on Thursday. On Tuesday, the President announced a four-day curfew, which was supposed to last from Friday to Monday. dpa/Darko Vojinovic/AP/Reuters demonstrators in Belgrade triggered protests with police officers together.

The protesters, who had gone on Tuesday evening by the Thousands on the street, described Vucic as "Faschisten". In addition, the suspicion of the &quot was;Interference by foreign Geheimdienste", the President said, without mentioning Details. "It would be a shame, I would not stand under the pressure of Hooligans to my word, but I think that we demonstrate strength, by showing that I am not alone entscheide", Vucic stressed.

The Opposition in Serbia accuses Vucic an increasingly autocratic leadership style. The parliamentary election in June, when the Vucics ruling progressive party (SNS) as the clear winner was gone, had been boycotted by several parties.

Had the Demonstration in front of the Parliament on Wednesday evening also behind the boycott of the election-standing opposition Alliance "Alliance for Serbien" called. Came to the chaotic scenes, as a majority of the protesters had left the meeting already. Protest participants threw glowing projectiles at police, who responded with the use of tear gas. Violent clashes between police officers and protesters, in the Parliament and surrounding streets.

As mentioned on Tuesday, the demonstrators called on Vucic to cancel the contract. Critics accuse the President, the Corona-restrictions to be rapidly loosened and to have a second wave of Infection is favored, only at 21. June’s parliamentary elections in may.

Covid-19-pandemic: Söder wants to allowable numbers of visitors for the arts and culture to double

21.35 PM: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to be in the next week, the in the Corona-crisis allowable numbers of visitors for arts and cultural events to double. "We will propose next week to double the for the culture, once again, to 200 indoor and 400 outdoor; however, with guidelines, because we don’t können&quot do it differently;, the CSU leader said on Wednesday evening during an appearance in the BR-TV.

Only this week the Cabinet had the limits for visitor numbers in the area of 100 inside and 200 in outside areas. The decision must meet the Bavarian Cabinet, the next meeting will be held on Tuesday on the island of Herrenchiemsee. At the meeting, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is expected.

Three of the Koblenz student residences due to Corona under quarantine

19.43 PM: three Corona-cases of three of the Koblenz student residences under quarantine has been. Three residents have felt the pain of being in the hospital go to and a on Tuesday evening, on completion of the rapid test is positive we’ve informed the County of Mayen-Koblenz on Wednesday. Two patients live in a residential home, the third in another Dorm. The third building had been made because of contacts from residents to the other two homes are also under quarantine. dpa Corona outbreak in three student residences in Koblenz, Germany.

Also, contact persons showed according to symptoms and have been tested. The results were not available for the time being. The three residence halls provide a total space for approximately 350 residents. "It all da&quot are not;, a spokesman of the district administration said. The health Department attempts to determine the number of contacts of the confirmed three cases and to inform you. "Since it must be assumed that more people could be infected in the dormitories, were all residents as a precautionary measure, quarantined gestellt", it was more. All residents in the homes were tested for Coronavirus. The University of Koblenz is not affected because of the transfer of the doctrine to the Internet for the time being of the measures. Reuters police officers control the outputs of the hours of residential homes.

Numerous police officers controlled, on Wednesday afternoon, all of the outputs of the three student residences in Koblenz district kart home. Red-and-white barrier tape blocking the entrances. According to the city a total of 95 employees of the health Department, civil protection, public order office, the police and the fire brigade were in use, in order to 188 Tests. "All affected residents must remain in their homes and not allowed to leave until you erhalten&quot message from the health Department of Mayen-Koblenz;, it was called.

TOP NEWS: Current Covid-19-Figures for Germany

19.38 PM: The number of Coronavirus cases in Germany is on 197.341 increased. The are 397 more than the day before. 12 more people died, so the death toll rises to 9036. About 183.100 are now recovered. The current reproductive value is 0,83.

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 35.890 (1837 Deaths)
  • Bavaria: 48.953 (2607 Deaths) 3
  • Berlin: 8502 (215 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 3476 (168 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 1679 (54 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 5224 (261 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 11.012 (512 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 805 (20 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 13.748 (639) Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 44.306 (1696) Deaths) 7
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 7100 (235 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 2808 (174 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 5465 (224 Deaths) 1
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1896 (59 Deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 3194 (153 Deaths) 1
  • Thuringia: 3283 (182 Deaths) 1

Total 197.341 (9036 Deaths)

The Day Before (Date: 07.07.20, 00: 00): 196.993 (8998 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

The number of Healed, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, at around 183.100.

Currently, the RKI reported reproduction number: 0,83 (Stand 08.07.20)

Surf tip: Coronavirus reproductive number and the smoothed R-value explained

Finland allows travelers from Germany back into the country

18.21 PM: a German and many other Europeans, may from next week head to Finland. The Nordic country is raising its in the Corona of crisis, adopted entry restrictions for several countries with comparatively low infection numbers to 13. July, including Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. For people from the neighbouring country of Sweden, as well as other EU countries such as Portugal, Spain and France, the Finnish borders remain closed, however, continued as Minister of the interior Maria Ohisalo said Wednesday evening at a press conference in Helsinki.

Crucial for the Finns is that in the respective countries, within a Two-week period is less than eight new Corona cases per 100 000 inhabitants was recorded to have been. Already in mid-June, Finland had lifted its border restrictions for travellers from the Baltics, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Also, for some countries outside of Europe and the Schengen area, the Finnish borders to be opened now, among other things, for work trips, including Australia, new Zealand, and China.

More than three million confirmed Covid-19 cases in the U.S.

17.52 at: In the USA the number of confirmed Coronavirus infection in the threshold of three million exceeded. The Vice-Chairman Mike Pence said Wednesday in Washington. The Johns Hopkins University reported more than three million registered Coronavirus-cases – by a wide margin the highest number in the world.

Barriers and alcohol-sales ban: Nuremberg goes against partying crowds in the city before

17.45: With a security service, the barriers, and a ban on the sale of alcohol, and more lighting want to Nürnberg partying crowds in the city centre to prevent. In spite of the Corona-restrictions there were in the past week, a dense throng of celebration ends always funny on squares, streets and on the Wöhrder see lake. A package of measures to protect the population now in front of Corona infections, informed the city on Wednesday. This applies first of all for the upcoming weekend.

One of the hosts of organized security service to ensure the köpflein mountain, that, among other things, distance rules are respected. At the tiergärtner gate square, the sale of beverages is prohibited to Take away. Previously Bamberg had said the street sale of alcohol on weekends in the old town, in order to prevent large gatherings of people during the Corona-crisis. The ban will apply first to the 24. July.

Two children with the Corona infected – Sindelfingen includes Kita

17.30: In a Sindelfinger Kita are two children with the Coronavirus infected. The city administration said on Wednesday. The two suspected cases had already occurred on Monday. On Tuesday, the city had closed the nursery as a precaution.

The two affected children attend two different support groups. The staff and children were tested as contact persons on the Coronavirus. According to the city the previous test results were negative. Earlier, several media reported. Because of suspected cases, the city has closed on Wednesday, two more day-care centres and daycare spaces.

Covid-19-pandemic: lower Saxony is located in gütersloh, but as of Saturday back into the country

17.04 PM: The Land of lower Saxony makes vacationers from the district of Gütersloh now, but this Saturday (11. July) to reenter the country. A government spokeswoman said on Thursday the German press Agency. In North Rhine-Westphalia school are currently on holiday. A lot of people from there spend your holiday on the North sea coast in lower Saxony, bed, AC in the high season is normally Saturday. "In the interest of the people from Gütersloh, we will travel to lower Saxony from Saturday ermöglichen", said government spokeswoman Anke Pörksen.

Previously Güterslohs district administrator Sven had-Georg Adenauer, in lower Saxony, the head of government, Stephan Weil (SPD) for the lifting of travel restrictions used. The gütersloh had "the exclusion and stigmatization of satt", the CDU-politician wrote.

The district of Gütersloh had a Corona onset at the meat processor Tönnies long as the Corona-risk area, meanwhile, the number of Infected decreases again. The Münster superior administrative court had overturned the re-restrictions of public life for the whole of the district of Gütersloh in the beginning of the week.

Researchers are concerned about 208,000 Covid-19-Dead in the US until November

14.31 PM: Until November could be a widely recognized model, in the USA, a total of approximately 208 000 people after infection with the Coronavirus to die. The almost 80 000 people Dead, more than currently. If 95 percent of the people deceiving the Public always masks, could be the number of victims up to November, but with approximately 163 000 significantly less, stated the researchers at the Institute IHME at the University of Washington in Seattle. "Those who refuse to wear a mask, bring your life, your families, your friends and your communities in Gefahr", Institute Director Christopher Murray said on Tuesday (local time). Reuters/Frank Franklin II/AP/dpa train station is Grand Central Terminal in New York is almost empty of people.

The Institute had expected the middle of June already, with about 200 000 deaths until October. In the face of temporarily declining Infection rates, the researchers adjusted their forecast to around 175 000 down. The renewed increase in the forecast was, therefore, to the strong rise in new infections in the South of the United States and the Outlook for the autumn months due to said IHME. In September and October, you can expect to pay at the beginning of the flu season, with a significant increase in the Corona of death, it said.

Data from the Johns Hopkins University, there are in the United States so far nearly three million well-known Coronavirus infections. On Tuesday alone, there were close to 60 000 new infections, as many as never before in one day. The causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 can trigger the lung disease Covid-19. More than 131 000 people died in the United States on or in connection with an infection.

TOP NEWS: fear of "Summer Ischgl": Next, an Austrian state imposed mask of duty

13.18 PM: The also with German tourists popular Austrian province of Carinthia and imposed a nightly Mask requirement in tourism Hotspots. In heavily visited places like Velden or wörth is to be worn in the public room, every night from 21.00 until 2.00 PM a mouth-nose protection.

The regulation is still being drafted and should take effect on Friday, as the state government announced on Wednesday. "Velden is not in the summer Ischgl werden", tourism Minister Sebastian Schuschnig (ÖVP) said to the media. Roland Schlager/APA/dpa

Known for its lakes, known to the state, with approximately 560,000 inhabitants, and currently only 14 of the Corona cases recorded since may, again a growing tourist crowds. For weeks, there are Concerns about associated health risks. Appeals have not been sufficient to prevent accumulations of without distance and hygiene measures, said Schuschnig. Both the mayors of the municipalities concerned and the representatives of the gastronomy were behind the Plan.

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