More and more cases of cancer of the Skin in Germany: a Simple Test shows whether you’re affected

Sunscreen and long clothes to keep the rays of the skin from dangerous UV. This is the most aware of. Nevertheless, many neglect the necessary protection, or were as a child in the sun too long. As a result of developing more and more people are skin cancer. A health insurance Report shows the rising Numbers.

The skin doesn’t forget. Who played as a child, often in the blazing sun, in the youth time and again in the Solarium was, must expect in the age with skin cancer. On average, the disease takes 20 to 30 years, until it erupts. In Germany, the cases to take.

From 2009 to 2015, the diagnoses for aggressive black skin cancer have risen by more than 30 percent. This is from the current "Cancer report 2019&quot skin; the techniker Krankenkasse out. Also the Pay for the less dangerous melanoma cancer has increased in this period: it rose, according to the Report by more than 50 percent.

Most frequently the age group of 75 Year olds affected – to 79 -. There 843 of 100,000 people are diagnosed per year and an average of black skin cancer. In the 20 – to 24-Year-olds, only 41 out of 100,000 have it. A conspicuously large number of women aged 45 to 54 years of age are affected according to the statistics – because they may go more often to the Solarium and more sunbathing than men.

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Skin Cancer-Diseases: Regional Differences

A total of some 270,000 people in Germany are diagnosed each year, skin cancer. Thus, it remains the most common cancer.

In terms of population number there is in the state of Hesse, lower Saxony and Thuringia, the most Diseased. This could be due to Differences in the socio-economic Status, the dermatologist density is established and the different use of early detection, presumed to be a dermatologist Matthias Augustin. He is the editor of skin cancer reports.

  • Dermatologist warns of skin cancer-lightweight sense: the sun protection is a daily necessary

The following map illustrates the regional differences. The darker the coloring, the more skin cancer diagnoses has been documented by the technician health insurance under their Insured in the area. Technician health insurance In Berlin, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, go to the people particularly rare for a skin cancer Screening. Here it is, according to the Report, only 17 percent of the Insured. The health insurance covers the costs – some funds from the age of 20, some 35 years ago.

The increase in the Numbers Matthias Augustin can be explained mainly by two factors: firstly, the Germans spend their holidays increasing in Sunny regions. In addition, Outdoor-to-take-activities in popularity.

The technician health insurance for the “skin cancer report 2019” on data from currently 11.2 million Insured, as well as on Figures of the Central Institute of ambulatory health care.

So you can identify skin cancer

You regularly go to the dermatologist for a skin cancer Screening. In this Check, the doctor looks at each birthmark exactly. With eye-catching Paint, he will advise either to you promptly remove, or create a recording, in order to observe the stain in the course of the next few years to changes.

You can also make a quick check to assess whether you have alarming skin – and with the ABCDE rule. Ultimately, you should rely on the opinion of a doctor. He may be best placed to assess what times indicate skin cancer.

A = Asymmetry

  • The mole has a uniform round shape? This is good.
  • The mole is uneven, asymmetrical? You go to the skin doctor.

B = Limit

  • The edges are sharply defined and smooth? This is good.
  • The edges seem blurred, ragged, uneven, or rough? You go to the skin doctor.

C = Colour (Color)

  • The mole has a uniform color? This is good.
  • It has different colors, spots, or points? You go to the skin doctor.

D = Diameter

  • The birthmark at the widest point is smaller than five millimeters? This is good.
  • It is greater than five millimeters or in the Form of hemispherical? You go to the skin doctor.

E = sublimity and development

  • The birthmark is flat and does not change the shape? This is good.
  • It is higher than a mm, to form nodules, or it is bigger? You go to the skin doctor.

The graph shows examples for each abnormality: techniker Krankenkasse

Skin cancer prevention: as long As the protection of your sunscreen keeps

The most effective way of skin cancer, is sun cream. The have the most in the Luggage, if you put them in the sun. What is not many, however, is aware of: Even with light protection factor 50, you can’t stay infinitely long in the sun without harming your skin. The protection of the Tube prolongs the self-protection of the skin only to a certain period of time.

How long the skin without sunscreen is protected, is shown in the following graphic: dpa/F. Bökelmann/S. Tanke

With a sun-protection the self-protection of the corresponding factor of the cream is extended.

An Example:

  • Celtic skin type, a 10-minute self-protection
  • Sun cream with a protection factor of 15
  • Sun Protection: 15 * 10 = 150 Minutes

With a cream with sun protection factor 15 is a Celtic type is protected, so a maximum of 150 minutes in the sun. At the latest after two and a half hours, he should go in the shade, long clothing and a hat to put on or in time a new layer of sun cream. In time means that After application it takes 20 to 30 minutes before the substances from the cream. Only then should you go back in the sun.