15 Women Share How Often They Really Masturbate

Flicking the bean, downstairs dj-ing, a good ol’ fashioned menage a moi – whatever you wanna call it, we all do it (well… at least the majority of us.) The question is, how often is normal to schedule a solo sex sesh? Here, via Reddit, 15 sexually satisfied women get real about masturbation.

“Once or twice a week. For me personally, sex with my partner is better the less I masturbate. The more I masturbate, the harder it is for me to orgasm and the less powerful the orgasm is. So for me, a few amazing O’s a week trumps lots of mediocre ones.” Via, athenalv.

“Never. For me, part of what’s so great about sex is that it’s connecting me to my partner. I get absolutely nothing out of masturbation because there’s no element of connection with another person.” Via, dyma_dozen.

“Daily. I love sex with my SO, it’s fantastic. I just want some extra pleasure on the side.” Via, nationalhistory1889.

“On average three to five times a week. I have an amazing sex life with my partner, but I still really enjoy masturbation.” Via, CocoXmechele.

“My libido goes up and down. I fluctuate a lot over the month. Maybe it’s related to my cycle? When it’s high it can last for up to two weeks and I may masturbate as many as eight times a day. To the point that my clit is sore and can’t handle anymore. When it’s low I almost forget sex exists, temporarily. I don’t believe my urge to masturbate has that much to do with how satisfying my sex life is. It seems my pattern is constant regardless.” Via, TheMissTreeVia.

“I haven’t masturbated in months. I prefer to wait for my boyfriend. I find masturbation kinda boring when I’m in a relationship and besides, I like the build up of horniness.” Via, justafemininedick.

“When I’m not on birth control, I come like eight times a day in around three sessions, although when the circumstance demands it I can go without. Literally the only thing that stops me is being too sore, otherwise I could go indefinitely. When I’m on birth control, I have more of a tolerance to going without, and can go a few days if I’m also having a ton of sex. I’m a fucking horndog.” Via, coffee_and_chocolat.

“Probably once every week or every other week. I don’t have a high libido and sometimes it’s just nice to relieve myself. Not that my SO doesn’t do a fantastic job, he’s very considerate.” Via, Knit_orious.

I frequently masturbate after sex to the sex I just had, either right away or within a day or two. Other than that, I maybe masturbate one to two times a month.” Via, Terradoe.

“About as often as I have sex. Couple times a week. Been with my partner a long time, life’s great.” Via, ceubel.

“It comes and goes. Sometimes I don’t masturbate for weeks but I’m usually between three to seven times a week. On my period I go ham though.” Via, marzipanlesbian.

“Daily. Or at least three times a week. No one does you, like you.” Via, TakoyakiTanuki.

“I’m at a few times a week. My partners are surprised when I say I can get myself to orgasm in under two minutes.” Via, confidentgirl.

“3-7 times a week. Masturbation fulfils different needs than sex with a partner.” Via, bluejay_way.

“Like twice a month when I’m ovulating. I usually go months without masturbating, though.” Via, mytrustythrowaway458.

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