Every parent needs to see this photo of a smashed up bike helmet after a crash

Here’s an important reminder to always wear a helmet when you head out on a bike – and make sure your children do the same.

It’s easy to let the ‘always wear a helmet’ rule slip, especially for kids who don’t want to wear something on their head.

This photo should serve as a reminder of just how important head protection is.

Pediatrician Dr Free Hess shared a photo of a helmet after a bike crash, after seeing a recent poll found 18% of parents admit their children don’t wear helmets when cycling.

She urges parents to look at the picture and imagine how bad an injury would have been sustained if that person didn’t have the helmet protecting their skull.

Then imagine if that person was a child.

Leaving the helmets behind for a quick scooter ride doesn’t seem like such a wise idea, does it?

Dr Hess wrote: ‘ I see children in my Pediatric ER for head trauma after falling from a bike very often.

‘Some of these children are struck by cars but many sustain head injuries simply from losing control of their bikes while riding.

‘Helmets in this situation can make the difference between a simple concussion and severe neurological injury and even death.

‘A recent poll conducted by The University of Michigan showed that 18% of parents admit their children don’t wear helmets (see link to poll in comments). That’s 1 in 5.

‘This does not make sense to me.

‘Take a look at the helmet below. Imagine this blow being taken by a child’s head WITHOUT the protection of a helmet.

‘If you or a child is riding a bike, skateboard, ice skates, roller skates, hover boards, scooter, or anything else that has a risk of head trauma you need to have a helmet on. EVERY TIME.

‘Set a good example and make sure you always wear one too. Your kids need you just as much as you need them!’

The post is clearly doing the trick and reminding people of the importance of helmets, as it’s been shared more than 400 times.

Many people are commenting with their stories of how helmets have saved lives.

One commenter wrote: ‘My dad was hit by a truck while biking last February. He was unconscious and his helmeted head BROKE the windshield.

‘He miraculously had zero bleeding on his brain and has made almost a full recovery because of the helmet. It truly saved his life.’

Another said: ‘I was in a serious bike accident when I was 12, before bike helmet laws in California, and had severe neurological damage, was in ICU for a week and missed 6 months of school. This could have been avoided if I had been wearing a helmet.’

Others are commenting that it’s vital for parents to lead by example. If you don’t wear a helmet for every ride, your children will think it’s okay to ditch theirs.

‘If you don’t, they won’t,’ wrote one dad.

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