Five life-saving tips for snoring victims

With around 30 million Germans, “bed vibration” in the bedroom. Because so many snorers there are estimated to be between Flensburg and Freiburg. FOCUS Online expert Armin Mechkat explains how unnerved Partner to a restful sleep.

“A husband must never get to sleep on first and off last to Wake up,” wrote the French writer Honoré de Balzac about 200 years ago. The living knew the man, what he’s talking about. Currently his words are all. About 60 percent of men snore. Women are catching up in terms of sawing only after the Menopause.

Noise creates Stress

The world record in the snoring Swede Kare Walkert. 93 decibels loud noise, he fabricated the night. So it is in the Guinness book of world records. That sounds about as if a truck would roar at the pillow over. As his wife comes with the noise, is not known.

Fixed: noise produces Stress. To one and a half hours of sleep per night Partner snores can be brought according to the “British Lung Foundation” on average. Not a few of them leave sooner or later, even pissed the bed. Separate Bedroom! Snoring can be a real relationship killer, not only victims, but also perpetrators (keyword: sleep apnoea syndrome) suffer.

Lack of sleep leads to weakness of concentration

Anti snoring victims have even been next to quiet snorers, to bring it according to the Textbook on a 20-decibel – a sound like leaves rustling – difficulties – and stay asleep. Permanent lack of sleep leads to poor concentration and lack of recovery.

The constant noise from the neighbouring pillow also creates Stress. This can lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Five Survival tips for snoring victims

What can you do sleepless souls? The following tips have proven to be among the partners of the snoring patients as the most effective and practicable:

1. Small helpers, big effects: use ear plugs.

2. With a snoring App for the bedrooms-concert recording, to raise the awareness of the Partner for the Problem.

3. Sleep hygiene optimize: Early dinner, two hours before going to Sleep, to give up alcohol, stop Smoking, no sleeping tablets use to always go to the same time bed, for a room temperature of 18 degrees.

4. Out from the back. The Partner of the location page as the optimal Anti-snore Position to convince him even at night, gently turn in this situation.

5. Openly about snoring and the associated stress-talk. For many couples this is still a taboo subject. Best as soon as possible an appointment with the specialist for ear, nose and throat medicine. The joint visit to often the breakthrough and helps to find the right therapy for peaceful nights.

Conclusion: snoring is a stress test, but can also be a task that you, as a Couple grows.

Dr. Armin Mechkat is a specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine, Allergology, as well as voice – and speech disorders. In his practice, Hanse ENT (Hanse ENT on Facebook, Hanse ENT on Google ) it treats in addition to patients with problems such as loss of hearing, allergies or snoring, to him, a lot of actors, presenters and singers with disorders of the speaking and singing voice.