Major breakthrough: doctors prevent the metastasis of cancer

We can prevent in the future the spread of cancer in the body?

One of the biggest challenges in the fight against cancer is to stop the metastasis, so as to prevent the tumor cells spreading in the body. Researchers have now found a promising new way to block this growth.

In the current study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) was discovered, how the metastasis of cancer can be stopped. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Developmental Cell”.

Barrier prevents cancer from metastasis

The researchers from Switzerland have identified a kind of barrier, the cancer of the metastasis. This consists of a Protein called Activin B to the Receptor ALK 7. This combination seems to play a crucial role in the defense against tumors. The results of previous research show that Activin B and ALK 7 to form a signal path, the cancer cells naturally die (apoptosis) and the formation (Tumorigenesis) and spreading of tumors is prevented.

Great success in mice achieved

The majority of the Tests have been carried out so far only in mice. But there are many biological and chemical Similarities between humans and mice, particularly when it comes to the development of cancer, explain the authors of the study. Therefore, this barrier could be in the future a promising target for anti-cancer medicine. Thus, the cancer works barrier, need to work together in the Receptor ALK 7 and Activin B Protein, which activates him. The researchers found that cancer ALK 7 and Activin B could suppress, in order to allow the Survival of the disease.

What Activine?

The Activine designated protein complex, in which Activin B is involved in many different areas of the body a decisive role. You are involved in dealing with the growth and spread of cells, our metabolism, the body’s own immune response and the Regulation of the menstrual cycle.

ALK 7 protects against a relapse

The Team investigated both neuroendocrine pancreatic tumors as well as breast cancer in models of mice. They also investigated human patients with various cancers and found a correlation between the presence of ALK 7 and a lower likelihood of relapse. The metastasis seemed to be a long time held in check, if higher ALK 7-level templates, and in particular in breast cancer. This reinforces the notion that ALK 7 and Activin B might be useful agents for the prevention of metastases. However, further investigations will be needed before this discovery can form the basis of an actual treatment.

The more ways to fight cancer, the better: The researchers continue to make good progress in the representation of different treatment approaches, from the detection of damage to DNA to prevent the formation of abnormal Cell clusters. The authors of the study explain that ALK 7 was not observed in the past and studied. Now it could be attributed to the Arsenal of potential treatments against cancer. To understand how cancer cells can overcome the various natural security controls, is an important step to the understanding of the tumor biology and the pathogenesis of disease, explain the authors of the study.

Can a new test set to revolutionise cancer diagnostics?

A new type of blood or tissue test can diagnose within just ten minutes cancer. As the basis of a newly discovered DNA structure, to occur in all types of cancer. The newly developed Test is designed to detect quickly and easily whether these structures are present in the blood or in the tissue. The cancer test has been recently presented by an Australian research team and medical practice reported about it also. (as)