What helps against pimples? With these tips, you can improve the appearance of your skin

If you Believe pimples a sign would be a lack of Hygiene, then you are mistaken. Because the fact is: skin imperfections always arise when the body is out of balance. This happens especially if we become too one-sided feed or permanent Stress are exposed to. But also natural hormone fluctuations , or hereditary predispositions in adulthood help you pimples suffering. The more important the right way to deal with skin blemishes – from cleaning to maintenance. Here you will learn how pimples occur and how quickly and effectively can be treated to improve the appearance of your skin.

How are pimples actually?

Pimples arise mainly because where you can you at least use: face, décolletage or on the back. This is sometimes to the fact that in these regions of the body are particularly many sebaceous glands sitting, in which excessive production, our pores clog can. But also external influences such as dirt particles, creams and Make up promote skin blemishes such as blackheads and co. in Addition, other factors such as dead skin cells, sweat , and hormonal changes (for example, by ingestion, or Discontinuation of the pill, a pregnancy and the birth or the menopause) that contribute to many adult pimples at the age suffering.

The best home remedies against pimples

Before you pick up the chemistry club out, it is always advisable to rely on tried and tested home remedies. These are better tolerated and much cheaper to purchase – some of the following ingredients you may have even already to the house:

1. Healing earth

Healing earth and is used in alternative medicine for a long time. The mineral powder of natural origin and is particularly compatible with the skin, but what is more important is that Its ingredients can help the pimples to subside more quickly to leave. For this you need to the healing earth, only on your face or décolleté to apply – for this purpose, there are both loose powder as well as ready-made masks for external use. You choose the Former, proceed as follows: Enter two teaspoons of earth, in a small bowl and mix it with ten tablespoons of water until a paste is obtained. You wear this to the desired body to make a large area and let him move in, until the earth is dried. Then wash the mask with a soft cloth and warm water again. The finished mask however you get here.

2. Tea tree oil

A classic from the pharmacy is tea tree oil. Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect may be the proven home remedies aimed to combat skin impurities can be used. The Oil not only promotes wound healing, but it dries the pimples right out and relieves the unpleasant pain or swelling. Drops of the agent, but only selectively on the affected areas with a cotton swab, and leave it (over night is best) to move – unless you have particularly sensitive skin that quickly dries out. In which case, you should use the tea tree oil after 15 to 20 minutes, wash again. To do this, use a cotton pad and lukewarm water.

3. Aloe vera

The desert plant is a small miracle weapon against zits: The active ingredients contained therein are astringent and anti-bacterial at the same time. Is to say, the resulting Gel can be targeted against skin blemishes, redness, and swelling, as described by pimples triggered. But also, the Plant itself has anti-inflammatory – if you have a copy at home, you can remove a piece of a leaf. At the interface accumulates within a short period of time, the healing Gel, which you just put on your skin or the affected part of the body to apply to. You do not have Aloe vera, you can use the ready-made Gel just here to buy.

4. Zinc

Also, zinc is said to have an antiseptic, wound-healing promotional, adsorptive and astringent effect. For this reason, zinc albums, a popular remedy for skin blemishes: The zinc oxide dries out not only pimples, but also promotes wound healing, weeping, and painful skin particles. As an alternative to the classical zinc ointment there are also zinc capsules – here are recommended by the German society for nutrition women, not more than 12 milligrams per day and men not more than 15 milligrams of zinc. By taking assist you the skin from the inside, it is said.

5. Apple cider vinegar

At this point, you might wonder how Apple cider vinegar help to your pimples to fight? In fact, this is also a tried and tested home remediesthat has an antibacterial effect and thus can help blemishes to treat and prevent. Mix for the treatment of a tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of water, then dip a cotton pad in the liquid and thus your pimples to cleanse pores and the skin to improve. Learn more on the topic of Apple cider vinegar.

6. Honey

Also honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect, is already known for a long time. Especially in new Zealand – derived Manuka honey is currently used as a new miracle cure for pimples touted, but why? Basically he has the same anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties as ordinary honey, according to the new Zealand University of Waikato are much more intense. Here, too, the Golden juice is applied on the skin, to eliminate pimples. The Rest you can use for colds or gastro-intestinal diseases.

The right care product for pimples

If none of the above home remedy was able to achieve the desired effect with them, there is still a great selection of care products against blemishes. You are not here to be aggressive products, the pimples dry out – that’s just the sebum production, stimulates and leads in turn to even more pimples. Put you instead prefer to use a mild cleansing gel or face the water. Alternatively, you can also use rose water , use for cleaning and care is used as a common face of water. Scrubs , however, you should only sparingly, so a maximum of once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells to remove. Then you should have your skin with sufficient moisture supply, here are fluids, gels, or creams , it can be recommended to be absorbed quickly.

Pimples prevention: how it works

The Supreme rule is the way of fingers! The expressions of the pimples is taboo

Tip 1: Keep your fingers away from the face remote in your hands there are millions of tiny bacteria, the impurities of the skin favor.

Tip 2: do not Press any pimples with the fingers – thereby rubbing more bacteria into the wound and promote infection.

Tip 3: Wash your face several times a day – preferably in the morning and in the evening. This will remove dirt, sweat and Make-up effectively.

Tip 4: Change your towels and washcloths regularly collect within a short period of time dirt and bacteria.

Tip 5: avoid aggressive cleaning agents destroy the natural acid mantle of the skin.

Tip 6: Use only mild creams – these contain too much fat, they clog your pores and encourage blemishes.

Tip 7: pay Attention to a balanced diet – sugary and oily food, and dairy products promote pimples.

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