Make-up and moisturiser in one: For whom is CC cream suitable?

To the background: The two letters stand for “Complexion Correction” or “Colour Correction”. In contrast to the BB Cream, the CC Cream promises an enhanced effect on your complexion. Especially if the first wrinkles make your face be noticeable, to be able to achieve the tinted day cream is a natural and single-storey result. And that’s not all, what promises to be the CC Cream. What distinguishes it from a standard BB Cream, and for whom the Upgrade is best suited will be explained as follows.

CC Cream vs. BB Cream: What’s the difference?

BB Cream stands for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”. It was primarily developed for normal skin types and aims to maintain the face for a beautiful complexion – this is possible due to the slight tint, which is included in the day cream. In short, A BB Cream combines three functions in one product: it moisturizes the skin, conceals small irregularities and provides the necessary UV-protection. Due to their low proportion of color pigments, it covers not as strong as a Foundation, the result should be more natural.

CC Cream, however, is understood as an Upgrade of BB Cream. It has the same features as its predecessor, but so much more to this: According to the manufacturer, the tinted day cream may reduce not only the visible irregularities such as redness or pigmentation in the face, but also small wrinkles. By Applying the CC Cream your skin tone is to be corrected using less pigments and their complexion is, therefore, natural and even appearance, provided you apply the product on a regular basis. The Anti-Aging effect of the day cream is especially suitable for Mature skin over 30.

Important: Even if the CC Cream with a sun protection factor contains, it can no sunscreen replace. Especially in the summer months, an additional protection is important!

CC Cream comparison: These products are

1. The oil-free CC Cream 123 Perfect is available in four different shades available: ivory, light beige, sandy yellow and Cream Bronze. According to the manufacturer, the day cream contains three different pigments – apricot for fatigue, Green for anti-redness and White spots on the face.

2. The 7-in-1 CC Cream Olay Total Effects for lighter and darker skin types. It contains a sun protection factor (15) and to counteract the first signs of skin aging. According to the manufacturer, the day cream provides a flawless, even complexion and removes, by the way, dead skin cells and even dead skin.

3. The Glam Nude CC Cream with light protection factor 20 is made of a green Emulsion, which as a complementary color, redness of the skin laminate is to. According to the manufacturer, the skin tone Korrigierer can – thanks to its loose cover seam strength for light to medium skin tones – flawless skin create image.

4. The Nivea Professional CC Cream to the skin’s own hyaluronic acid to stimulate, in order to counteract premature aging. Like the other products, it combines the properties of a Foundation with the benefits of an Anti-Aging cream. As a result, the days to take care of the mending, according to the manufacturer, small bumps and for a radiant complexion.

5. The Clinique super defense CC Cream has a much higher sun protection factor (30) to provide and is suitable for all skin types. Their effect is described by the manufacturer with four adjectives: kaschierend, opaque, protecting and firming up. Your slight opacity to ensure a strong, natural-looking complexion.

6. This CC correction cream has the lowest sun protection factor of this series, costs but most. It is suitable for all skin types and a hydrating, long-lasting, revitalising promises and radiant effect. The contained active substances (antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and color pigments) to provide for a flawless complexion – including the Anti-Aging effect.

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