Skin Care Brand Veracity Tests Hormone Imbalances to Offer Personalized Recommendations

It wasn’t until she began her own fertility journey that Veracity founder Allie Egan, the former chief executive officer of Cynthia Rowley, discovered the connection between hormone imbalances and skin health.

When Egan was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, a form of hypothyroidism, she learned a common symptom was dry, patchy skin, an issue she’d been dealing with for years. Dermatologists had previously diagnosed it as contact dermatitis, she said. However, when Egan made lifestyle changes to treat her Hashimoto’s during her fertility process, the dry, rough patches of skin cleared up. 

Egan suspected other women were experiencing undetected hormone imbalances that were affecting their skin health, too. Enter Veracity, a DNA-based skin and health testing brand. 

The brand offers an at-home saliva test that measures the levels of hormones known to affect skin health, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and pH. These hormones can cause skin conditions like acne, rosacea and dry spots. The brand and test, which has been in the works since 2019, was built by physicians across practices, including a dermatologist, an ob-gyn, an endocrinologist, a functional medicine doctor and a nutritionist, Egan said. 

“Our mission is really so much bigger than a skin care brand,” Egan said. “It’s really to bring the power of a holistic medical approach to the world of beauty and wellness and ultimately empower women to understand the connections between their hormones, skin and overall health.”

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Egan noted the modern consumer has become increasingly focused on health and wellness and more interested in customizing their diets and routines to fit with their own genetics. To her, Veracity is the next skin care-focused innovation for the modern consumer’s wellness routine. Other brands, including Know Beauty by Madison Beer and Vanessa Hudgens, have developed DNA-based skin care products. 

Upon completing the $149 Veracity test, consumers’ DNA will be tested at a certified lab and they will be sent an in-depth document outlining their hormone levels and what they mean in terms of their skin health. They will also recommend Veracity’s branded products and specific ingredients. The Veracity line includes the Bioevolve serum, $85, the Bioevolve moisturizer, $75, Brightening Support, and four vital concentrates, $55, that target specific skin issues caused by hormone imbalances. The concentrates include brightening support, hydration balance, inflammation response and regenerating infusion. Testers will be recommended a concentrate in their results document. Veracity’s entire line of products is meant to be safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

The document also offers other self care recommendations involving diet and lifestyle, as well as supplement suggestions. After the test, users will continue to receive personalized content via their email with further recommendations based on their results, which Veracity said are stored securely and never sold. 

Egan recommends consumers be tested anytime they experience a major life change, such as pregnancy or menopause. However, hormones may change amidst stress and daily factors, so users may test as frequently as every six months though it’s not necessary. 

Egan plans to expand Veracity’s test offering to “address all the nuances of different hormonal issues and imbalances” and ultimately offer consumers more insights to lead a healthier lifestyle. Egan said women’s hormonal health has been understudied and underinvested in, and with Veracity, users can avoid years of struggling to get answers.

“I want everybody who takes our test to really feel empowered, feel empowered that they know that they’re using the right skin care for them, feel empowered that they can start to get on a journey to feeling better every day outside of just their skin care routine,” Egan said.


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