What August's Leo Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

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Welcome to August, Leo! Yes, it is absolutely still your season, so let's get to celebrating. During July, you started to enjoy the calmness of a healthy love life, rather than give into drama. That's hard work for anyone, let alone a Leo. But you're so pretty and charismatic, you deserve stable love and attention. During the dark new moon in your sign on Sunday, August 8, take time to check in with yourself. Your brain can move so quickly that at times, you're not even sure what's bothering you. Do you feel supported? Are you giving as much as you're taking in any partnerships? Run a quick inventory, and set intentions for the weeks to follow. Remember, Leo, new moons are a powerful time for fresh starts. 

You must be in a healthy place, because when chatty Mercury enters practical Virgo on Wednesday, August 11 you experience a rather strange desire, or rather, lack of one. You don't want to gossip! You're interested in protecting friends' secrets and building trust in your love life. There will always be tea to spill at a later date, so take this as a sign that you're growing up. 

 Just remember to demand your worth, get that money, and leave the guilt for billionaires. 

When Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and abundance enters flirty Libra on Monday, August 16, your attention turns to money. It's a good thing that you're feeling stable romantically because you're going to be very busy in your professional life. This transit brings raises, new gigs, and bountiful creative projects your way. Just remember to demand your worth, get that money, and leave the guilt for billionaires. Do it for the sake of everyone else, Leos are insufferable when they don't get what they want. 

The independent planet Uranus goes retrograde from Thursday, August 19 to Friday, January 14 in sensual Taurus. Uranus is an eccentric planet, so when it goes retrograde, life actually tends to calm down somewhat. Your job during Uranus retrograde is to remind yourself once again that hot passionate sex and drama are not the same things. You can have great sex without a toxic relationship. But it's up to you to set your boundaries, be clear on what you want, and continue to communicate your needs to love interests. You can do it! 

If you're single or working on getting back out there, the full moon is a great night to have some fun on dating apps. 

Sunday, August 22, might be a hard day for you, because it marks the end of Leo season as the sun enters Virgo. Let's be real, though — you act like it's always Leo season, and Virgo energy brings responsibility and thoughtfulness to every situation. Sunday, August 22 is also a bright full moon in delightfully weird Aquarius. This lights up your 7th House of Partnership, which means that your love life is in for some healthy, kinky sex. If you're single or working on getting back out there, the full moon is a great night to have some fun on dating apps. Better yet, you can just get off on how hot you are using a new sex toy.

Messenger Mercury moves into pretty Libra on Monday, August 30, lighting up the communication sector of your chart. Because Libra is the sign of balance and partnerships, this transit indicates healthy communication within your intimate relationships. Keep it up and you may just have hearts in your eyes soon. See you in September! 

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