Clean & Clear Quietly Launched a New Millennial-Targeted Skin-Care Line

Before #shelfies were a thing, Clean & Clear had a special place in our medicine cabinets. After all, the skin-care brand has existed for decades and has been delivering, well, clean and clear skin all the while. If the name alone delivers a ping of nostalgia strong enough to make you want to clamor to the nearest drugstore, we encourage you to act on your impulses. But before filling up your cart, may we suggest an arguably sexier, more shelfie-worthy form of acne treatment? Clean & Clear just released a brand-new line of products, aptly called C&C by Clean & Clear.

The line features 11 products, including masks, foaming cleansers, and camo-colored pimple patches. They all have the efficacy of the original Clean & Clear formulas, plus a dash of cool, sleek minimalism. Think simple, black-and-white packaging and product names like "Black Out" (a blackhead-clearing coffee scrub), "Total Zen" (a calming lavender mousse cleanser), and "Tough Love" (an acne-clearing peppermint toner).

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To be clear, this line is not replacing the original Clean & Clear collection (your beloved Morning Burst Cleanser isn't going anywhere, folks.). In fact, C&C is sold exclusively at Ulta and on Amazon, so you actually won't be able to grab these babies on a toilet paper run to CVS.

Honestly, though, these goodies are worth the hike, especially if you like your skin care with a side of sensorial bliss. Long gone are the days when blemish-busting cleansers had to smell like pure chemicals and feel like them, too. For instance, the C&C Total Zen Cleanser smells like freshly cut lavender and feels like a cloud, thanks to its soothing mousse texture.

Another one, the Black Out Blackhead Clearing Scrub imparts a surprisingly spa-like experience. "Surprising," because it's literally a salicylic acid acne medication, yet it smells like a pot of freshly brewed coffee(!).

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Aside from formulating its products to be pleasantly scented, C&C also has some cool, next-gen products that are so 2018. Take the No Glow Anti-Shine Stick, which is a perfectly portable solution to shiny selfie skin. The stick can be glided on over or under makeup and literally absorbs excess oil right then and there. Another one, the the Over Zit Spot Patches, can be slapped on over a pesky blemish overnight to absorb excess fluid and keep that smeary spot treatment from ending up on your pillow.

Although there are some fun ones, C&C doesn't have any superfluous, frivolous products just for the sake of having them. Rather, it's a line that caters to people who don't have time to sift through a zillion complex acne-fighting products, but still want a range of blemish-busting skin care that works and — gasp! — is actually enjoyable to use. Because who said functionality and coolness have to be mutually exclusive?

Best of all, the C&C by Clean & Clear range is totally reasonable at $8 to $16. Starting this month, you can snag product on,, and in brick-and-mortar Ulta stores.

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