Chris Appleton Gave Jennifer Lopez What Has to Be Longest Braid EVER

Jennifer Lopez has been loving the super long hair look lately, wearing waist-length extensions for most of 2018. She even wore 50-inch extensions to the Billboard Latin Music Awards, the ends hitting right about her knees. Sure, she went for a big chop for the Met Gala, showing up in a shoulder-skimming lob, but since that May evening she has often gone with looks ranging anywhere from chest to lower-back length. And now it looks like she may have worn her longest style yet, lest our eyes deceive us.

Chris Appleton, the go-to hairstylist for Lopez and Kim Kardashian West, posted a picture to Instagram on Sunday showing a full-length profile of the World of Dance judge in which she's sitting more regally than anyone on a stool ever should. Although her dramatically highlighted cheekbones (care of makeup artist Ariel) may catch your eye at first, it's impossible to ignore what is easily the longest braid we've seen on the triple threat.

Pulled back super tightly and starting in the middle of the back of Lopez's head, the braid appears to reach all the way to the floor, tapering as it goes. "Can not wait for your guys to see what we worked on last night ….. This GALM ?," Appleton wrote in the caption, apparently so thrilled about the look that he initially misspelled glam — though we honestly can't blame him. We'd be prone to overexcited typos if we'd created such a masterpiece on Jennifer Lopez, too.

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No word yet on what exactly they were working on, but a post from Appleton just an hour earlier shows Lopez in a silver, bell-bottom, off-the-shoulder outfit, again with super long hair — though in that photo, it's loose, wavy, and partially covered with a head scarf. The caption implies that she was all glammed up for a video, though Appleton doesn't make it clear what that video is for.

This isn't the first time Appleton has given one of his pop-star clients an incredibly long braid. Back in April, he posted a photo of Ariana Grande wearing a similar — but not quite as long — style.

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Both of Lopez's Rapunzel-like looks are undeniably enviable, but if you'd like to try it yourself keep in mind that Lopez reportedly shells out thousands of dollars for the luxury of being able to add feet of high-quality hair to the strands that already grow out of her head.

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