What opponents really fear,

Opponents to spread their Beliefs to be effective in social media and find a wide audience. An analysis of such comments on Facebook shows what Fears and issues is the Impfgegnern. Researchers at the Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, have identified four thematic areas, the various target groups.

2017 will be a children’s doctor practice in Pittsburgh, published a Video on its Facebook page, this should encourage vaccination against HPV to prevent cancer. About a month later, the Video was commented on within eight days a thousand times of Impfgegnern and attacked. The research team led by Professor Elizabeth Felter analyzed the Postings and Profiles from 197 commentators have noted that the majority of them were mothers. They were four sub-groups:

  • Lack of trust: people in this group expressed concerns over the science and felt in their personal freedom compromised;
  • Alternatives: you saw the chemicals in vaccines is critical and propagated, for example, homeopathic remedies instead of vaccinations. Followers of this group believed that yogurt against HPV active infections;
  • Lack of security: When you were the perceived risks in focus;
  • Conspiracy: followers of this group were of the opinion that the government, authorities and other Agencies to hide information or the wrong spread. Some representatives considered it as a "Tatsache", that the polio virus does not exist.

Dr. Todd Wolynn, Director of the practice and co-author of the research, said: "Our focus is to get children healthy and to prevent illness whenever possible. In the age of Social Media-disinformation are evidence-based recommendations from a trusted healthcare provider is trusted is more important than ever."

Vaccines are considered to be one of the greatest achievements of medicine and more than 100 million cases prevented serious infectious diseases in child age. In the United States, only 70 percent of children between 19 and 35 months, all of the recommended vaccinations, and are ill in the past year, hundreds of children from measles, when the disease was there two decades ago, due to high immunization coverage eradicated.