What an HIV infection means today

Conchita Wurst has been for many years HIV-positive, the travesty artists on Instagram has announced. The step to the Public an Ex was enforced-boyfriend had threatened him in order to make the private Information public.

The HIV Status may be for his Fans re-writes sausages in a Post on Instagram. For him, he was not the. “I’m in good health, and I’m stronger, more motivated and more liberated than ever.” The case shows that to converted HIV long ago from a death sentence to a chronic disease.

What does it mean for those Affected today, to develop in a country like Austria or Germany to HIV? The infection limits? The most important questions and answers.

How many people are infected with HIV?

2016 have been infected, according to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is about 3,100 people in Germany with the Virus – a similar number as in the previous year. The majority of victims (around 2100, 3100) are men who have Sex with men. Around 750 infections decreased to heterosexual contacts, only 240 to drug use.

According to RKI, 2016, and lived in Germany now for about 88.400 people with HIV infection. However, approximately 12,700 of them know nothing of the disease.

In Austria, where sausage lives, there were according to the Austrian Aids-Hilfe in 2016 approximately 450 new diagnoses – most of the victims were also men. Around 8000 to 9000 people carry the Virus.

What happens after an HIV diagnosis?

So that the pathogen does not multiply, people need to swallow after an HIV diagnosis to end-of-life regular pills.

An early and strict treatment can reduce the number of viruses in the blood, so that the excitation Tests are undetectable. Also, sausage says in his Statement that he “for many years, without interruption below the detection limit”. Cured, Sufferers can be still: Put your drugs, can multiply the individual, remaining pathogens in your body within a few days.

A consistent therapy provided, restricts the infection of the Diseased. Only in rare cases, the drugs can have serious side effects. Of the people who are suffering from HIV, in Germany at least two-thirds of work. Out of fear of stigma, most keep their infection at work, however secret, like sausage in the past few years.

What is the life expectancy with HIV?

Every year, around 500 people are infected with HIV are dying in Germany. Often the disease was discovered only late, which means that the body has already taken damage. The infection is not treated, it weakens the immune system, life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia threatening. Only then can one speak of Aids.

In the case of an early diagnosis and consistent therapy, however, the Virus harms the body – an outbreak of Aids can be prevented. “People with HIV can live today thanks to the treatment with anti-HIV drugs for a very long time with the Virus,” writes about the German Aids-Hilfe. “A nearly normal life expectancy.”

How great is the danger that data will give the Virus more?

The amount of the virus remains in the body permanently below the limit of detection, HIV-Positive quasi-infectious. In studies with hetero – and homosexual partnerships, no Transfer was observed as soon as a stable reduction of the virus load was done, writes about the RKI.

Researchers now agree that the tablets can protect with proper intake of sexual partners even better than condoms. This is especially in the case of a desire to have children is important. Many HIV-Positive could witness today in a natural way a child, writes the German Aids-Hilfe. “A risk of infection for the children is almost ruled out.”

Also Conchita Wurst writes in his Statement that he is currently contagious, and connects his message with a wish: “I hope to encourage, and to take a further step against the stigmatisation of people infected through their own behavior or through no fault of with HIV.”

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