Heart diagnostics via a Smartphone App more accurate than well-known standard tests

How effective is an App for the diagnostic of cardiac diseases

Doctors found out now that a Smartphone App is five times disease effective in the diagnosis of serious heart than the current standard tests.

The scientists from the University of Edinburgh noted in their recent study that an App for Smartphones is a clear recognition of disease much more effective a serious heart, as this is the case of standard tests. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “EClinical Medicine”.

In the future, an App a lot of heart to diagnose disorders before the occur-threatening consequences? (Image: Robert Kneschke/fotolia.com)

The App runs on Apple and Android devices

In the study, approximately 240 patients, which occurred in emergency departments in the UK with irregular heart beats, or behaved felt. A little more than half of the patients have been equipped with the so-called AliveCor cardia mobile App on Apple and Android devices available. When irregularities occurred in the heart, should enable the subjects to the device and the result of the test was finally sent to a doctor. In the meantime, 116 patients were subjected to tests. If no specific diagnosis was made, was explained to the subjects that they should consult with other experienced symptoms to the emergency room or your family doctor.

Occurring costs can be greatly reduced

After 90 days, the Doctors were able to create with the help of the Smartphone App in 56 percent of the patients, a diagnosis. The average diagnosis took 9.5 days. In the case of the usual standard-of-care were diagnosed in an average time of 43 days, however, only ten percent of patients. Another big difference is the occurring costs. The new Smartphone technology reduced the diagnostic cost of 1.395 £ 474 £. It has been shown that this device is a simple and cost-effective way to diagnose heart rhythm disorders, in which Affected for a diagnosis usually only a few times an emergency room visit. When people suffer only knock at the door and an innocent heart, can take care of this quickly for reassurance, whereas people with serious heart complaints immediately receive the help they need.

App is already in use

The App technology should be introduced in all emergency services across the country, call on the experts at the British Heart Foundation in a press release. New technologies, such as AliveCor can facilitate the diagnosis. For this reason, NHS England has made in the last year, thousands of the necessary equipment for General practitioner. (as)