Unhealthy food due to Social Media?

For children and adolescents social media such as Instagram &amp have; Co is of great importance. Many follow well-known bloggers who frequently share photos from Restaurants and cafes. Scientists have found that such images have a direct impact on the nutritional behaviour of teenagers: Who provides on such websites unhealthy Snacks, consumed and then even more.

Children and young people who were seen on an Instagram page pictures of prominent bloggers, together with unhealthy Snacks consumed, then 26 percent more calories – of these, 32 percent more from unhealthy in-between meals – in comparison to children who had seen their idols on images with Non-Food products or healthy food. Reporting Anna Coates and colleagues from the University of Liverpool.

"The results indicate that advertising for unhealthy food on Instagram pages directly increases the energy intake of children. Young people trust bloggers more than Celebrities, therefore their statements may be wirkungsvoller", Coates says.

For the study, 176 of the Teenagers and children were divided between the ages of nine and eleven years randomly into three equal groups. You were created for the study, but realistic Instagram pages of popular bloggers shown. A group saw pictures of the Blogger with unhealthy Snacks, the second group with healthy meals and the third group with Non-Food products. Then, between meals, the participants were observed in quantity and quality.

According to a recently published report by the British media regulatory authority, 93 percent of 8 – to 11-Year olds are online, among the 12 – to 15-Year-olds are even 99 per cent.