Get Inspired! The Half Their Size Special Edition Issue Is Out Now

Need some get-fit motivation? PEOPLE releases a new edition of its Half Their Size special issue this week, packed with genius tips, recipes, workouts and inspiring stories from more than 25 people (and one slimmed down dog!) who turned their health and lives around.

Inside are expanded tales of amazing transformations from the Half Their Size class of 2019. Take Debbie Baker, a retired teacher from Cape Coral, Fla. At 300 lbs., the most Baker could comfortably walk was from her driveway to the one next door.

“I added two driveways everyday,” Baker, 57, tells PEOPLEWithin three years she hit her goal weight (she’s now 141 lbs.) and today can walk more than five miles and bike 30. She went from a size 34 to a size 8 but, more importantly, “I can chase my three-year-old grandson.”

In this 96-page special edition, we hear from a woman who lost weight by staying accountable to her Instagram followers, couples who lost the weight together and people who overcame depression and other challenges to reach their goals.  Along with the inspirational stories are workouts for people of every level of fitness and easy-to-follow illustrated routines from star trainer Tracy Anderson. 

We also catch up with past Half Their Size winners to hear how they are maintaining their weight losses. “I think the key for everyone is being honest with yourself: Am I eating more than I say I am?” Joanne Raymond, who appeared in PEOPLE’s Half Their Size issue in 2017 after losing 133 lbs. “You have to be accountable to yourself about your portions. And if you want to cheat, do it without guilt, then get back on track tomorrow.”

For more, pick up your copy of Half Their Size on Amazon or wherever magazines are sold. 

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