Tricks from the pharmacist: tablets swallowing easier

Many people do, sometimes, hard tablets, or capsules swallow. Pharmacist know simple Tricks on how to do this better.

Often, young people don’t have to swallow even more problems when Tablets than older ones, because they are accustomed to. The drugs break down, patients with a lot of ideas: drink more water, crush or open the capsules, put the head back, to mix the pill in yogurt, Pudding or mashed potato – or do not take. What really works, explains Professor Dr. Werner far-ship from the Institute of pharmacy of the University of Greifswald during the training, the Congress of the Saxon pharmacist tags in Chemnitz. The technologist, He recommends two techniques that facilitate the taking of tablets and capsules:

Pop-Bottle method: In the so-called tablets-bottle method fill an elastic plastic bottle with water, puts the tablet on the tongue and sets the bottle to the mouth, the lip of the bottle opening firmly to enclose. Then you drink using suction movements from the bottle and swallows immediately, the tablet and the water. No air flow, the PET bottle must pull the Drink together.

Forward-tilt technology: a Lot of people tilt the head instinctively to the back, if you have a tablet or capsule to swallow. It works the other way but much better. For this method, the capsule is placed on the tongue, a medium SIP of water and this kept first in the mouth. Now the head forward tilt and the drug and water ingestion. This method is especially suitable for capsules.

The tablets and capsules do not remain in the esophagus, it is advisable you with a lot of water: at least 50 milliliters, it is better 250. The water in large to Swallow quickly and drink a night. Taboo the taking is of solid forms in the.


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