After the cardiac arrest: do We perceive our demise to be aware of!

This is what we experience when we have suffered a cardiac arrest

Who know when we are dead, because the brain still works for a while to beat even if the heart has stopped. In any case, recent research work, on which we already reported. The debate about what happens after death, for Thousands of years in science, Religion, and philosophy. Thanks to advances in medicine, scientists can now draw a clearer picture of what happens after death. One of these scientists, the renowned physician Dr. med. Sam Parnia. He is the head of the CPR station and an assistant Professor at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York.

Evidence for the Experience after clinical death found

Dr. Sam Parnia believes that he has found evidence that people know when they are dead. In a case study with 140 people who had survived a cardiac arrest, felt a lot of the feeling of death and know what is happening around you.

The physician describes it like this: „The people will see when passing, as the Doctors and nurses are working around you, you will know that you are aware of the discussions and visual environment aware.“ The study showed that “Survivor of a heart suffered from standstill to cognitive deficits including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, it is unclear whether the stress disorder with the mental experiences and consciousness hang during resuscitation. “The broad range of mental experiences and awareness associated with CPR has not yet been systematically untersucht“, so the physician.

Reminder after cardiac arrest

The 140 respondents participants in the study showed 46 percent of the cases, reminders of spiritual/mental events, according to the „Tod“. These were fear; Animals / Plants; bright light; Violence / Persecution; Deja-Vu; Family; Events after cardiac arrest.

Two Percent „described awareness with explicit memory of das“ See „und“ Listen to „the actual events related to their resuscitation. Undetectable some of the subjects were able to recall the time of clinical death and had up to 2 minutes after the cardiac arrest memories, which they could retrieve after the revival.

Bright light, and memories of the Dead, the call

Dr. Parnia said recently to „Oz Talk“ in the US-TV: The people describe a feeling of a bright, warm and inviting light. “You describe the feeling, to experience their deceased loved ones, almost as if they would welcome you. They often say that they did not want to come back, in many cases, it is so comfortable and is like a Magnet that attracts them, so that they would not come back.

Many would describe it as a feeling of separation. They would come out and the Doctors and nurses to observe how they tried frantically to resuscitate the body. For these reactions in the body, it give scientific explanations, the doctor. It is, therefore, no evidence for life after death, but it is the brain that as a kind of struggle for Survival, self-scans.

Thanks to modern technology and science Parnia: &#8222 says;The death is not restricted to philosophy and Religion, but can be explored through science werden“. Further studies on this topic, has announced the expert. (sb)