This Is The Best First Date Idea That Will Help You Land A Second

Your first date has to be almost perfect if you want another chance to impress. One bad move could derail the bumpy ride to going out. 

Now, dating app Happn has released data on what activities Aussies like to do most on their dates.

It’s no surprise that drinking is the go-to date idea for Australians, with 32%of men and 39% of women down for a beverage on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and of course the weekend.

Using data from the ‘See You There’ tab (a feature that allows users to let their matches know what they’re interested in doing that day), Happn found some interesting findings about dating preferences.

Wednesday was the most popular time to go for a run, with 36% of Aussie users down for some Hump Day exercise. 

If we’re not running, we’re keen for a low-key dinner and movie – men more so than women (56% to 17%). 

Most interestingly, men are more up for a walk than their female companions, with 14% of males down for a casual stroll.

If you want to compare the stats to our international counterparts, Australians aren’t actually the biggest drinkers. Spain, France and the US are all down for a few wines every day of the week.

If boogieing is on your mind, head to Brazil to find a date, where partying is the most popular activity during the week. 

If you want to make sure you land that second date, be sure to suggest these great ideas to boost your chances.

Happn has also released a list of the people with jobs that are most popular on dating apps. Check it out here!

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