These Will Be the 7 Biggest Hairstyle Trends in 2020

2020 is just about here—and with the new year and new decade, expect to see lots of fresh hair trends storming runways and sidewalks everywhere. These 7 haircuts will define the next nine months, according to the top stylists we spoke to. Get a sneak peek, plus find out how you can create each look.

Camilla Cabello Hairstyle Trends 2020

Long bangs

Expect to see long, wispy bangs everywhere this year, Jerome Lordet, celebrity stylist at Pierre Michel salon, tells Health. If you already have bangs, getting the look is a cinch. 

“I recommend using more dry shampoo, as the front pieces can be easily damaged from overuse of hot styling tools,” says Lordet. “I like natural brands for this like Cleo & Coco. The powder smells great and works well for adding a bit of volume and taking out any left over oils."

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle Trends 2020

Uneven blunt bob

This easy, chic take on the traditional bob is the perfect style for anyone looking to chop off a few inches while still keeping their 'do beachy and boho. 

“This is an edgier version of the timeless style of the bob, which I don’t think will ever fully go away,” says Lordet. “The uneven ends add more dimension to the face and create more movement, for a perfect update to this look to bring you into the new year. ”

To keep the ends healthy, Lordet recommends using Maria Valentino’s hair nourishment serum, which he says contains nutrient-rich plant oils that help seal split ends.

Katherine Langford

Jewelry-like hair accessories

For this pretty look, opt for traditional jewelry metals, which keep your 'do chic and polished, MariLynne Cosmillo, director of education for Cherry Blow Dry Bar, tells Health.

“Think bold—go with silver or gold, with or without gemstones,” says Cosmillo. “Pair a statement piece with your messy top knot or stack-pin back one side of any center-part style.”

Zendaya Hairstyle Trends 2020

Messy Updos

Updos are always popular, but this unique style combines untamed and wild with sleek and put together—the perfect in-between for casual and dressed up, says Lordet.

It's a style similar to a topknot "but reinvented with face-framing long layers,” he says. “This is an easy look you can style whether your hair is freshly washed or dirty. I would again recommend Cleo & Coco's dry shampoo for this look to add volume and to bring dry, dirty hair back to life.”

Halle Chloe Bailey Hairstyle Trends 2020

Pulled-back texture

In 2020, forget about that slicked-back, Kardashian-style hair that was so big in 2019. 

“Skip the smoothing prep work before putting your hair up,” says Cosmillo. “Upstyles for 2020 call for texture—think cornrows and twists pulled back for an effortless, swept-up look.”

Taylor Swift Hairstyle Trends 2020

Glossy beach waves

Winter might be closing in, but glossy beach waves are going to be everywhere once 2020 hits. "Keep the beach waves, hold the texture," says Cosmillo. "Pair a high gloss with your beach waves and let your color really glow."

A smoothing serum, like R+Co's Tinsel Smoothing Oil, ads extra shine to your waves to get that red carpet-ready look. 

Jessie James Decker Hairstyle Trends 2020

Messy ponytails

The messy pony is making a comeback, says Lordet. What's the appeal? It's easy to pull together in minutes "by brushing all of your hair into a mid-level pony," he explains. "Once secured, brush the ends with a round brush for an effortless, cool style that will take you through the whole day. You can also wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail holder for a more polished look." A texturizing spray like Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray can help you nail it.

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