These Are The Top Sex Toy Trends In Australia

Lovehoney have analysed their extensive search history to determine the sex trends us Aussies are most interested in.

In 2016, the sex toy retailer received over 500,000 site searches with Sydneysiders coming in first place for traffic followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. They even discovered the most popular time of year to purchase some arousing equipment – Australia Day. Yep, it even beat Valentine’s Day and Christmas. People must really get off on patriotism.

They also dived deeper into what, exactly, we’re searching for. With the growing interest in ‘pegging’, searches for a strap on increased around the country, while the the good old fashioned cock ring remained a popular purchase.   

You can see the exact results below.

Top 5 searches in Sydney

Top 5 searches in Brisbane

Top 5 searches in Melbourne

Top 5 Searches in Adelaide

Top 5 searches in Perth

Top 5 searches in Darwin

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