This Should Be Your Go-To Lipstick, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Don’t freak out, but there’s a chance you’ve been going about choosing your lipsticks all wrong. From the open-minded Gemini (try a hint of sparkle!) to the intense Scorpio (if there’s anyone who can pull off black, it’s you!), astrologist Sharita Star breaks down your perfect pout pairing based on your zodiac sign.


Your Lip-Scope:

You’re all-American! “Bold and expressive reds, true blues, and whites let out the spark that ignites this pioneering sign,” says Star.

Your Lip Pick:

Brighter is better. Make a sophisticated statement with a classic red by day, and layer on an extra coat (or perhaps even a darker gloss) for a more daring evening.

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Your Lip-Scope:

Talk about a smooth operator. “Pastels, with a focus on rose and blues, enhance this placid and sensual sign,” says Star. “The Taurus sign is also down to earth, so it plays well with greens and browns.”

Your Lip Pick:

Opt for a rosy lip to show off your earthy roots.  

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Your Lip-Scope:

For you, experimentation is key. “Gemini is particularly open-minded to what’s new, and if what’s new glitters, it has got to go on,” says Star, who notes that Geminis also have a penchant for greys, silvers, and lighter green shades.

Your Lip Pick:

Try a colour with dimension (the twin sign is also a fan of dual tones) or a touch of sparkle to truly shine.

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Your Lip-Scope:

You’re a soothe-seeker. “Cancers gravitate toward lavender, silver gray, and blue-green shades—anything that appears comforting,” says Star.

Your Lip Pick:  

“Getting this crab out of its shell is not always easy, but if imagination is called upon, it may be interested in taking on new trends,” says Star. Keep calm and trend on with a mauve matte.

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Your Lip-Scope:

You were born a star! “Leos are ones to shine brightly in the spotlight, so you won’t have too much trouble talking them into glittering in a little gold,” says Star. “Black shades with purple undertones are also a great fit for this admiration-seeking sign.”

Your Lip Pick:

Swipe on a deep violet, and watch everyone take notice.

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Your Lip-Scope:

You strive for flawlessness. “Deep, natural greens, grays, and white shades all make this sign of purity feel dapper,” says Star.

Your Lip Pick:

Star suggests opting for a light blue or gray shade reminiscent of the sky.

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Your Lip-Scope:

“Earth tones, taupes, greens, and pastels (especially pinks) keep this sign in harmony,” says Star. “The lovely Libra is also one to take the lead on the latest trends.”

Your Lip Pick:

Show off your gentle, peaceful side in a light pink-purple shade.

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Your Lip-Scope:

“Burgundy, maroon, and deep plum colours bring out the intensity of this regenerative sign,” says Star. “This is also the only sign that has the complete green light to wear black correctly with absolute ease and complete confidence.”

Your Lip Pick:

Play up the intensity in a black lipstick.

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Your Lip-Scope:

“Fall tones—such as burnt yellows, oranges, and rusts—help to further light up this optimistic and truth-seeking sign,” says Star.

Your Lip Pick:

It’s time to go leaf picking in an energetic orange lipstick.

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Your Lip-Scope:

You’re ready to get down to business. “Dark greens, browns, and blues help ground this serious and ambitious sign,” says Star.

Your Lip Scope:

“Keep the glitter far away from this sign (they don’t have the time for it),” says Star. Instead, pick a dark indigo shade to remain focused on long-term planning.  

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Your Lip-Scope:

You have a flare for the eccentric. “Silver grays, ocean greens, and electric blue colors allow for this sign to break on through with their latest brainstorms for the future,” says Star.

Your Lip Pick:

“Thinking-outside-of-the-box Aquarius is always up for something different and willing to experiment,” says Star. Push your boundaries with a bright blue, glitter-packed shade.

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Your Lip-Scope:

“Light tones (such as white and all pastels) along with aqua, are pleasing to this sensitive sign,” says Star.

Your Lip Pick:

“Someone from this water sign would be happy to try on some glitter to match the shimmer of the sea,” says Star, who cautions the only color Pisces is not favored to wear is black. 

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