The perfect Penis? Why gay men put unnecessary pressure on

It is said that a Penis is like a fingerprint – no one is like the other. I can confirm this. In my whole life, I had already happened so some of the front of the nose, and a Penis-Déjà-vu I never. Small and dainty, large and magnificent, just like a ruler or bent as the proverbial banana say… There is nothing that is not there. This fact alone excludes for me personally, any notion of a “universally valid”, the perfect Penis.

Now would be said at this point, actually, everything and every man might walk full of confidence with his privates through the world and a fitting To find the values his Penis just as he is. The many, many external influences, which would make you believe wouldn’t be there, the perfection is first non-existent – and only by a factor dependent on: the size. “The bigger, the better!”

20 inches plus

I was a few weeks ago at my favorite restaurant and had to public transport thanks to a good quarter of an hour waiting for an otherwise always-punctual friend. While I passed the time answering long overdue E-Mails, I’ve been listening unconsciously around the conversations around me. At the table to the right of me are two men, late 20’s were sitting, the conversation, according to both gay but not a Couple. They talked for a few minutes about another man, with one of the two, obviously, a night had spent.

“But you know… as I unpacked his thing… that was just SO big!” He waved wildly with the outstretched finger around pointing in front of the face of his conversation partner, whose eyes were now wide open. “Was I really that pretty, you never would have thought of. After that, nothing more between us.” I wrote down these interview snippets in my Smartphone, sipping my Drink and a short time later, my Dinner accompaniment also reached, finally, the Restaurant and the evening went on more Penis-revelations of his run. (Read here: “Queen of the Drags” & Co: Why the German television on the topic of “queer” to learn a must)

From ancient times to the Porn

Considering the developments in the porn industry, we can see that this had to be because of the Internet, only more creative (Virtual Reality, 3D, niche porn), but also in Penis-things has changed. While in the old Porn days and took a variety of different sizes and shapes in front of the lens, are now (and there are Hetero-film is not a bit better), primarily in the forearm-long-meat whips are producers of special popularity. This Penis is accompanied then from the first sight until ejaculation with a strong “Oh”, “Ah” and “Yeah”, the impression is that only a meter long, straight giant Penis guaranteed to be full of fun in bed.

So, what happens? Men get scared and strive to emulate an Ideal that was invented by the porn industry virtually. This then ends in grief & Envy, painful Penis pump experiments, or in dubious ointments, and tablets to help allegedly to the last two centimeters of luck. Here’s a little hint for all of you who don’t know it yet: These funds will merely increase the purse of the merchant.

Anyone who claims now that this was not a contemporary “media” developed the ideal of beauty, but has always been so, you are wrong, unfortunately. You take a close look at the step from Greek or Roman statues. You will find every Adonis of the ancient world, that this is one of principle rather to the category of “low average” and not “Three-leg”. This is due to the fact that the marble savings had to be, but used to be a big Penis with stupidity was associated. While the Intellectual and Beautiful, the company logged better with an extra portion of brain mass, biceps and cheekbones profile, it was voluptuous and under-developed barbarians, who in the splendour of your large Gemächts sunned. About potency and force of a man, the size of the Penis, said nothing.

Self-deception and Dating lies

The most intriguing development that I noticed in the course of today’s Penis-delusion, is to take place on gay Dating platforms like Grindr. There you can give in order to show an accurate picture of yourself, all other profile information about the contents of his pants. There is also information on the genital area are recorded in addition to the weight and color of eyes, such as “Uncircumcised, size L, shaved.”

The Problem, however, is that you get when you scroll and browse through the Profiles of the feeling that 90 percent of the population call it a “XL” of their Own. I knew, even before a series of One-Night Stands, that it is to think this to be pure hubris and desire. Why sabotage because so many of the men your looking for (Sex)partners? In the same way as in the case of body size and age, it is only a matter of time until a lie is discovered, the alleged “XL”-Penis at the latest at the first handle in the pants. (Speaking of age: “Just under 30” – why the obsession with youth in the Gay scene sucks)

The perfect Penis – a myth

I talked often with heterosexual women and homosexual men on the subject. In addition to a handful of, which is the Partner “extra-large” just good enough, I know at least as many, the healing will be glad, if it is a talented lover with a smaller equipment. Many emphasized in particular, the fantasy of oversized Porn-Penis be so long been a charm, until one has actually left someone with “just a thing”. The most enjoyable thing in Common, however, was (and confirm even international studies and surveys) that the majority of people – including my friends – with the Penis of your current partner totally satisfied.

This result, combined with the world’s optical diversity in the genital area, demonstrates clearly: The perfect Penis, there is not. The only thing that exists is the subjective Ideal. Don’t be intimidated by porn movies, or the tastes of isolated individuals. No matter what you have in the pants, there are people enough out there for exactly YOUR Penis the perfect Penis.


Our author, Paul Sattler is gay and lives in Munich. In his column “GQueer” he writes about life as a homosexual in a heteronormative world. All other parts of the column, you can find here. Do you have any questions, criticism or want a private experience speak? You write to the author at [email protected]

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