The age you'll reach your sexual peak

For years we’ve thought men get randy in their early 20s, while women reach their sexual peak later when they’ve got more life experience, err, under their belt. Not so, says a new survey by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney.

Turns out, 58% of Aussie women said their libido was highest between age 18-24, compared to just 42% of men. Oh. Likewise, our desire dwindles between age 28-33, with just 11% of women saying their libido peaked in this time, compared to 17% of men. “There is a clear trend showing that early adulthood is when female libidos are highest whereas men are more likely to peak in their 20s and 30s,” said Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst.

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Worried you’ve already passed your peak? While only 15% of women said their libido peaked in their 30s, it’s not bad news. Longhurst reckons this earlier peak just means women have become more confident in the bedroom. “What the results show is growing female sexual confidence,” he says.

The results, from a survey of 1418 Aussies, also show that sex drive and compatibility is actually more important for women. A mismatched libido has caused issues in a relationship for 51% of women compared to 43% of men. Plus, nearly a third of women wished their sex drive was higher compared to just 21% of men.

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So what does this mean? “Women are happier to talk about how important sex is to them and how sexual happiness is the key to a successful relationship,” says Longhurst. If sex is not working in a relationship, it is women who are keener to take the lead in fixing things, with more women than men saying the mismatched sex drives can be brought into alignment.” Bossy? You bet.

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