These Common Myths About Shaving Are Totally False

When it comes to hair-removal, shaving is one of the quickest and most convenient methods. 

While it’s certainly not perfect, there are a number of myths floating around about shaving that are completely untrue. Schick spoke to board-certified dermatologists to find out the facts about shaving, and what we should really believe.

Myth #1: The age you begin to shave influences the amount of hair you will have on your legs and underarms.

FALSE. It is commonly thought that the earlier you start shaving, the more hair you’ll end up growing, but this isn’t actually true. The amount of hair you grow is actually determined by your genes, and this misconception may arise from the fact that the time you start shaving usually coincides with the time you start going through puberty and grow more hair. 

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Myth #2: When you shave, hair will grow back thicker or faster than before.

FALSE. Shaving only removes hair from the surface of the skin, so it is just the tip of the hair that seems more coarse and bristly. This myth has been busted by various studies since 1920. If you don’t like this look, never fear – it will return to its normal texture if you just grow it out. 

Myth #3: You can remove your tan by shaving

FALSE. Tanning actually occurs in the deeper layers of your skin, so you won’t remove it while shaving. You can remove dead skin cells at the top of your skin though, which can help give you ‘polished’ skin with a healthy glow.

While these myths are all false, it is true that shaving can cause ingrown hairs – but there are some simple steps to prevent them. Just make sure to avoid these common shaving mistakes, and you’ll be A-OK! 

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