Sex is also in the high age is a topic

Sexuality in old age is still a taboo topic, according to little people know about. A new analysis of data from the Berlin aging study II shows that seniors are big differences when it comes to Sex: While he plays some of much of a role, occupied a third of the seniors even more than younger adults.

Compared with a group of 22 – to 36-Year-olds showed that sexual activity and thoughts in old age, slimming, intimacy and a sense of security, however. In addition, the span was the width of the seniors on the subject of Sex is very large: Nearly a third of 60 – to 82-Year-old even reported more sexual activities and thoughts than the average of younger adults.

In the case of older adults, factors such as the satisfaction with the relationship had a greater effect on sexual activity and intimacy. Karolina Kolodziejczak, from the Institute for psychology of the Humboldt-University, explains: "The importance of psychological and interpersonal factors for a fulfilling sex life in old age has long been underestimated. This can be crucial, as long as physical limitations stand in the way."

For the study, the scientists evaluated data of 1,514 persons between the ages of 60 and 82 years, compared with a control group of 475 adults in the age from 22 to 36 years. The Berlin aging study II was to identify factors that help people age healthily.