Serena Williams Just Marked Another Major Career Milestone

Mother. Tennis champ. Designer. Investor – Serena William’s resume goes on. And on. And on. Now, the 37-year-old can add an entirely new achievement to the mix: the first athlete to ever appear on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest self-made women.

At an estimated $322 million AUD, much of her fortune can be attributed to her on-court success. But it might come as a surprise to many that the majority stems from several business endeavours. In fact, over the last five years, she’s founded and funded her own venture capital company (Serena Ventures) and invested in 34 start-ups.

“I want to be a part of it,” Williams told Forbes of SV. “I want to be in the infrastructure. I want to be the brand, instead of just being the face.”

“I want to create a brand that has longevity, kind of like my career,” she continued. “It’s not fancy, it’s not here, it’s not out, it’s not trendy, it’s a staple, like my tennis game.”

The mum-of-one also has her own casual streetwear clothing line, S by Serena. One of the brand’s best-selling items? The ‘Boss Blazer’, a piece worn by close buddy and new royal Meghan Markle. And as if her plate wasn’t full already, she’s announced she’ll be launching a range of jewellery in 2020.

Dw though, she’s not planning on hanging up her racket just yet. Speaking with Forbes, she admitted she has another three years in her before she’ll contemplate her retirement from tennis. (“I am in no rush to get out of this sport.”)

She’s in good company too: this year’s self-made rich list features the likes of Rihanna (with a net worth of approximately $858 million AUD,) Kylie Jenner, (who topped the list in 2018 with an estimated $1.4 billion,) Celine Dion ($644 million AUD) and Beyoncé ($572 million AUD.)

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