White meat is 'just as bad' for you as red meat

If you’re going to eat meat, chicken is better for you than steak right? A new study says this might not be the case.

The research found that eating red or white meat will have an identical effect on cholesterol levels – challenging the old assumption that white meat is always the healthier option.

However, researchers did add that there may be other effects from eating red meat that contribute to cardiovascular disease – which may mean it is still worse for your heart than white meat.

But when it comes to cholesterol, researchers are certain that the best thing would be to choose non-meat proteins such as vegetables, dairy, and beans.

Scientists set out to test the theory that the generally high saturated fat content of red meat contributes to cardiovascular disease risk.

More than 100 healthy men and women – aged 21 – 65 – were assigned to either a high-saturated fat, provided primarily by butter and full-fat foods, or low saturated fat group.

The participants completed three test diets: red meat diet, white meat diet and then a no-meat diet.

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