Patients instead of football fans, Germany’s largest football stadium is in the infirmary

In Dortmund, the home ground of Borussia Dortmund will be transformed into a centre for Covid-19-patients. Carsten Cramer, is a Director of the Association and is enthusiastic about the idea. “I think it’s help at the time, which is so difficult and so challenging for all Involved. And if we can do that with the provision of the stadium, then I think it is a great contribution that Borussia Dortmund can afford.” In the Signal-Iduna-Park, which offers space for up to 80,000 football fans, patients should find the recording, which still needs to be clarified whether they are infected with the Coronavirus. How everything has to be exactly white, Dirk Spelmeyer. He is Westphalia, Chairman of the kassenärztliche Vereinigung-lip. “After a corresponding registration in the registration center, patients go to the appropriate medical care. There they are examined, it is optionally carried out a smear. And then the doctor will decide with the patient whether or not you need to in the in-home quarantine, if nothing needs to be done, or whether you even need to go to the hospital.” The infrastructure in the stadium, with a large area and widely spaced Seating, waiting is optimal, so Dirk Spelmeyer. With the new reception centre in the stadium of the surrounding hospitals are to be relieved.