NAP lowers blood pressure

Who makes after lunch, take a NAP, you need to have a bad Conscience. On the contrary, You are doing something for the health, because a NAP will reduce the blood pressure to a similar degree as medication or lifestyle Changes, such as Avoiding the use of too much salt and alcohol.

Those who have lunch in the ear, has, on average, a 5 mmHg lower blood pressure than people who treat yourself to a NAP. This sounds little, but already 2 mmHg less can reduce according to the researchers, the risk for a heart attack by 10 percent.

Dr. Manolis Kallistratos, a cardiologist at the asclepeion General hospital, Voula, Greece, says: "The NAP seems to lower blood pressure in the same order of magnitude as other life-style changes. For example, the reduction of salt and alcohol can reduce blood pressure by 3 to 5 mmHg." With a low-dose blood pressure-lowering medicines is, on average, reached to a Minus of 5 to 7 mmHg.

For the study, the researchers examined data from 212 persons with an average age of 62 years. "We do not want to encourage people to sleep for hours of the day, but in view of the possible health benefits you should have not a bad Conscience, if you take a short NAP machen", so Kallistratos. He will get his results soon on the 68. Annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology’s present.


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