Mom Responds to Troll Who Called Her Postpartum Body Lazy and Ugly in Empowering Post

If hurtful words have lingered in your head for days, or even weeks on end, you’re not alone. On social media, it’s easy to delete an unkind message and block the hater, but it isn’t always easy to forget the harsh words that can become engrained in your mind. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, though, one mom is reminding us to feel sorry for the people who put others down.

Kristyn Dingman of @mrsdingman.mama is a proud, body positive mom looking to empower women and encourage self-love. She often bares it all on Instagram to teach others to love the skin they’re in. In an inspiring post—with the words “empower” written across her stomach—Dingman recently told her followers about how she reacted when a follower called her “lazy” and “ugly” in a nasty comment.

“Of all the feelings I have toward this message, it’s that I feel sorry for her,” Dingman writes. “I wanted to give her a hug and let her know that the more we put each other down, the worse off we will be. We can’t grow or be united as a strong sex if we are constantly at war.”

Dingman deleted the hateful comment and didn’t retaliate. Instead, she took it as an opportunity to show women how important it is to lift each other up rather than putting others down.

In this and many other posts on her feed, Dingman is on a mission to spread her body positive message—and we are all for it. She often reminds followers that they are beautiful no matter their size, and speaks honestly about her recovery from pregnancy.

“Empowered women empower women and that’s what I plan to do,” writes Dingman. “We rise by lifting others.”

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