Many men suffer from Peyronie’s but no one talks about penis disease

Affected may notice first of all, a strange hardening of the Penis. In consequence of this shortening may be bent sharply or it is solid erection problems. These symptoms may indicate Peyronie’s. The connective tissue disorder is called in the jargon as Induratio penis plastica (IPP). "Induratio" means recovery. Among the victims were men aged 40 and over in the first place. The treatment can lead to surgery. (Also read: The perfect Penis? Our expert tells you what it depends on)

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Peyronie’s affects many men

On the dissemination of Peyronie’s disease, very different figures are circulating. The British "Guardian" recently reported without giving sources, that up to one in ten men can develop. The German centre for urology and Phalloplastische surgery speaking in a Online guide of around five per cent of all men. Are affected usually in patients between 40 and 60 years of age. The disease can occur even in a young age. A 2007 "German Ärzteblatt" published article estimated the spread to approximately three to four percent of the male population in Central Europe.

The disease is named after Francois de la Peyronie, physician at the court of the French king, Louis XV., He had described the disease in 1743. But it should have already been known in ancient times. The penis curvature is according to the German centre for urology and Phalloplastische surgery not cause of the disease, but one of several possible sequelae. (Read also: The Penis is too small? Our expert has three important tips)

Disease leads to erection problems

"It is true that the penile curvature is a common Symptom of Induratio penis plastica disease, in addition, there are also often massive penis reductions, significant erection problems, constrictions (the so-called hourglass phenomenon), Sacs and other significant impediments to Penis", it says in the Online article. The disease have, in addition to severe pain, often massive psychological impact. "Most of the patients suffer through the consequences of the disease have a significant loss of self-confidence, which is of course the life-sized influence on the sexual."

In the initial stage of IPP it comes to inflammation on the Penis, which leads to the formation of a benign tumor or a Plaque. This tissue thickening can lead to the affected corpus cavernosum to expand during an erection completely, and the Penis bends during erection of up to 90 degrees. As a cause of Peyronie’s genetic predisposition, unnoticed injury (such as during intercourse), removal of the prostate or other diseases such as Morbus ledderhose are eligible, among other things. Peyronie’s can be treated with drugs or surgically.