I’m 16 years old and while I was playing cricket with my friends I got hit in my testicles with a hard ball. My testicles turned black and blue and I am having trouble passing urine and having an erection. I also vomit if I eat anything. I don’t know how to tell my mom, please help.

Most contact sport injuries to a guy’s testicles are minor and the symptoms are temporary, however your symptoms are worrisome. You should see your medical provider right away. It may feel awkward to talk to your mom about your genitals however, this is an exception! You could start a conversation with your mom like apothekegenerika.de this: “I got hurt pretty badly while playing cricket with my friends and I’m having trouble urinating. Can you take me to see my doctor?”

Anytime you have pain and/or swelling in your testicles that doesn’t get better within a few hours, pain or trouble peeing, blood in your urine or vomiting, you should see a medical provider right away and get evaluated.​

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