I always get an erection when I am naked. It doesn’t matter if I’m alone, or in a locker room. It is very embarrassing, and I don’t know what to do. It’s okay when I am alone, but everyone seems to stare when I am in a locker room.

It’s normal for both straight and gay guys to have erections when they are naked which can be embarrassing when it happens in a locker room.  This usually stops when you become more comfortable with being nude in front of others. In the meantime, here are some suggestions you can try.

  • Change in a private area such as the bathroom stall.
  • Consider wearing your gym clothes underneath your regular clothes on gym days so you don’t have to change.
  • Many workout clothes can double as casual clothing so you don’t have to change.
  • Try to think of something else that isn’t sexual.
  • ​Be patient! This is very common and almost always goes away with time.

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