Enigmatic Suffer on the track: Key note can fall in the subordinate clause

Mrs Geisler, today the third season of the podcast starts on “diagnosis”. What is the appeal of medical case histories?

It is exciting to go with the Doctors together in search of clues to how to solve step by step a kind of medical detective case. Always with the question in mind: What is the cause for the puzzles is complaints? Many of the Doctors leave the listener in finding the solution to your feelings of. You feel doubt or perplexity, when the first suspicion is, however, wrong. Or, you rejoice and are literally moved when the shutter button is finally found and the patient can be helped. This makes the physician more human and approachable. Many listeners know, also, someone of your Relatives or circle of friends is in a similar Situation: persistent complaints of the Patient on an Odyssey through medical practices and hospitals, no doctor can help. There is also the hope: Maybe the solution is in the next Podcast?

Which of the new episodes that is left to them in a special memory?

In the very first episode is about a woman who comes to a holiday on the Mediterranean sea directly from the aircraft by ambulance to the hospital, because it is so bad. She is weakened, has vision problems and can’t walk any more. You need to be in intensive care. Ultimately, the doctor finds that the patient has a poisoning. And, in turn, has to do with a trip that is longer in the back. It’s some of the great dangers of some of the alternative healing methods. As in the case of the woman was released, reported many patients with a similar history.

Here you can listen to the result:

Or the case in which a sporting woman might suddenly come under increasing shortness of breath. A specialist, you checked it thoroughly and finds nothing. Patient and Doctor come to the conclusion that probably the Stress in the Job, the trigger had to be. But then, just as the patient in the consulting room is in, the Doctor is still something – a potentially life-threatening disease. The patient then has actually. You can be quickly helped – she has had tremendous luck.

You yourself are a Doctor. How much time Doctors in their everyday work at all for detective-Trace?

Becoming less and less. The everyday life of Doctors is strictly timed, and every Patient from their own Experience know it well. No matter, whether in the clinic or in practice. Some of the case stories in this Podcast show very clearly how important – in addition to all the High-Tech diagnostic methods – the in-depth conversation between doctor and Patient can be to get on the right track. The key note can also fall in a sentence. But for detailed discussions of time often limited and are not remunerated particularly well.

What are the doctors different, the you interview for your Podcast do? What is “a hit man” is that?

The Doctors have a wide Knowledge and much experience, and curiosity, and tenacity to come. All drives have a detective-like flair. And you are facing the patient. Many of them say something like: “to Me, this case has not just let go of.” Or: “On the way home on the bike, the decisive flash of inspiration came to me.” That is, even if the first suspected diagnosis not brought the solution, you are busy in the back of the head with the case. In addition, the Doctors put the Patients and rash in the mental drawer – according to the Motto: You can’t find anything Organic, so it is something Psychological.

What should do people who know in one of the episodes again, and suspect that your complaints could be of a similar origin?

You should speak with your family doctor or a specialist about suspicion. Many Doctors don’t like it Yes, if you get to Print as a Patient with the Internet-and says it could this and that be. But if you told, you have heard a specialist with a case in the Podcast, the medical history and the complaints were similar – should have good Doctors have an open ear for it. It always comes back before that patients with me in the star-editorial report and report that “The diagnosis” you have helped, the true cause of your symptoms to find. Simply because you have recognized your complaints again. A patient expressed it this way: “That’s me, over there, is reported!” They actually had the same disease, which was finally discovered and treated. Today, her well again.

Have you, yourself, can learn something by working on the case stories?

I’ve learned that there are patient stories that sound just incredible: A Mason with massive Vision and hearing problems and the threat of heart failure and, ultimately, his artificial hip joint was to blame. Or a mathematician, the paralyzed for years in the afternoon for some time collapsed and in the end, the doctor discovered: It has to do with the diet, this Patient needs Salty food, the best curry sausage and French fries. And I’ve learned that it can give the virginal conception actually.

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