Dementia: holidays with a patient to plan properly

People with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and their family carers in the celebration of a lot of Stress days suspended. Adjusted expectations and a well-prepared visit to ensure that it is for the family a beautiful Feast.

Ask for help

One of the parents is suffering from partial dementia and is cared for at home by his Partner, may be the planning of the family celebration of a great burden. When the nights are lost, restless, and lacks the power to provide in addition to the care for order and cleanliness, for example, it is advisable to involve also the adult children and other family members in the preparations and to ask for help.

Prefer short visits plan

For a Person with dementia, Routine is important. Confusion by a large family celebration can lead to the dependents has more expenses with the care. Therefore, in some cases it is better to get several days of short visits of a few guests.

In the care facility celebrating

Even if many would pick up their Partner or parents prefer to home: Sometimes, the Move for the person with dementia is not easy, and for both sides it can be more pleasant to celebrate in the care facility. Many facilities have appropriate spaces in which to celebrate the feast day. Appropriate gifts identification bracelets, uncomplicated clothing or favorite music, for example.

Family prepare to take on the Situation

When relatives come to visit, know the condition of the Diseased correctly, it is advisable to provide in advance accurate information on changes that have occurred since the last visit: for example, "he’s not talking viel", "you may have the same Fragen" or if there is difficulty eating.

The correct handling

For a loved one with dementia is to address at a reunion after a long time may not be easy. Don’t ask: "Do you know who I am?", but they introduce themselves with name and relationship. Pay attention to the body language and not force: members who have previously searched for no body contact, suddenly their Hand &ndash want to keep; or Vice-versa.

A good time spend together

With your own favorite foods, coloring books, arts and crafts, photos, or memorabilia, you can spend a nice time together, even if a Person can no longer speak or only a little reminding. Even people who can’t entertain themselves, can often still sing: communal Singing of songs is a wonderful way to share an experience, as well as the Reputation of Christmas cards, Painting or baking cookies. Many enjoy to sit at the table and in such a activities watch. If people with dementia are not able to lead the conversation more, should not guests and carers to involve you in their conversation, even if you answer. You should not ask but, if you remember something.


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