Woman sends genius text to every ex after break-ups – but replies may be brutal

Knowing the appropriate way to behave after a break-up can be difficult.

Do you stay friends? Do you delete them off every social media account, wipe their number from your phone and never speak to them again?

Or is it somewhere in between?

Well, forget all that. One woman has come up with a genius way to split with people – by sending them a ‘survey’ after their relationship ends.

You might as well find out what you’re doing wrong, after all.

And she doesn’t even save it for serious relationships. Casual daters receive the survey too.

The woman, known only as Katie, doesn’t hold back at all – the survey starts off by asking the man to identify what is wrong with her.

Then it prompts them to answer ‘What is wrong with you?’

Straight to the point. We like it.

It’s quite a comprehensive list of questions, really, as it goes on to ask at what point they knew the relationship would never work and if there was anything Katie could have done to "enhance the experience" for them.

Here comes the really genius bit. Katie asks if they would refer her to a friend and asks them to list phone numbers of potential suiters.

Great way to use your ex as a springboard to a new relationship.

Would you send a survey to an ex?


Finally, she asks: "Would you like to remain on the mailing list in case Katie revisits your application or another opportunity opens up?"

There are multiple choice options.

Her friend, Abby, shared screenshots of the hilarious survey on Twitter and, of course, the post went viral with thousands of ‘likes’ and retweets.

Now everyone is going to be doing it.

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