Why Ashley Graham's Secret to Correcting a Spray Tan Is Actually Very Dangerous

Ashley Graham may have taken My Big Fat Greek Wedding a little too seriously. While the film touts Windex as a cure-all, it’s not exactly a health tool. And yet, on Sunday, Graham took to Instagram to tell her followers that the glass cleaner is her secret to getting rid of streaks left behind by a spray tan.

In a series of Instagram stories, Graham puts Windex on a paper towel and scrubs the marks on her legs. “After! No Streaks,” she captioned one photo.

But before you head to your stash of cleaning supplies, consider the dangers involved in putting this stuff on your skin. “Windex is a caustic chemical,” says Darrell Rigel, MD, an American Academy of Dermatology board-certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at New York University. “It’s designed to cut through grease and oil, so it could break down the natural oils in your skin and could cause a lot of problems. It can make the skin red, irritated, and even crack.”

Ava Shamban, MD, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills and founder of SKIN FIVE, has some safer recommendations. “There are plenty of safe products, including a brisk wipe with a wash cloth, that will do the same job,” she says. “Despite the frequent use on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for everything, using a safe skin product to smooth fake tan lines is a much better idea.”

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Graham never ceases to inspire us with messages about self-love and body positivity. But when it comes to this particular beauty hack, maybe we should just stick with soap, water, and a Google search for a better spray tanning service for next time.

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