Tips for successful muscle building That doesn’t help, if the muscles grow in spite of strength training more

Mind-Muscle Connection: The new concept for effective muscle growth?

It is trained for hours and still often after initial Successes, unfortunately, at some point of the desired muscle gains again. Many athletes, in particular strength athletes is aware of this Problem. Fitness experts recommend that is why in these cases of isolated strength exercises. A Fitness to help them now, a concept called “Mind-Muscle-Connection”. This full-body, complex exercises, a connection between mind and muscle are produced, which promotes the muscle growth again.

Fitness expert Mike Teich is a lecturer for strength and device the training at the German Academy for Sport and health (dba). He is convinced that many Amateur athletes train wrong. Most of the dumbbell exercises and fitness machines isolate a particular muscle. According to Branke, such isolation exercises for most of the Amateur athletes with no sense. Much better complex are whole-body exercises that build a so-called Mind-Muscle Connection. The American sports researchers Brad Jon Schoenfeld, has investigated this effect in a study.

What is the Mind-Muscle Connection is?

Targeted Exercises should be built up in the body of a Mind-Muscle-Connection. The connection between the mind and the muscles to help maximize the muscle development. This will be achieved by focusing the Training specifically to the affected muscle. By consciously Feel the muscle in a more targeted Stimulation to be achieved.

The expiration of the study

In a study published in the “European Journal of Sport Science”, completed 30 untrained men over a period of eight weeks of strength training. Randomly, half of the subjects trained according to a conventional muscle training, in which the focus was on increasing the Weights used. A second group trained according to the concept of Mind-Muscle-Connection. Instead of increasing the Weights, focused this group is on the greater utilization of the muscle by targeted contraction.

Amazing Results

After eight weeks, the changes of muscle thickness in the elbow flexors and the quadriceps muscle were measured using ultrasound. The group which trained according to the principle of Mind-Muscle-Connection, was able to generate almost double the muscle growth, such as the subjects completed a conventional muscle training. In the case of the Mind-Muscle-Connection-group of the muscle growth after eight weeks of 12.4 percent. With the classic muscle training, only an increase of an average of 6.9 per cent was achieved. The researchers come to the conclusion that the targeted building a Mind-Muscle-leads Connection to the improvement of muscle building.

From the dirt road to the highway

Fitness professional Mike Teich compares the concept of the connection between the mind and the muscle with the quality of roads. For little-used muscles, there is only “dirt roads” as the connection between the brain and the muscle. The Mind-Muscle Connection this way, will be expanded to the highway. He advises to focus on each muscle exercise targeted to each muscle. The muscle needs to be aware of led to the fatigue. Of course, diet also plays a key role in the muscle building. For more information, read the article: the 10 best foods for a healthy and fast muscle building. For motor sports enthusiasts have already reached a certain age and continue on a muscle-building are interested, read this article: experts: muscle building over 40 years of age upward? So muscle growth-works even in advanced age. (vb)