The Accessory You Need To Beat A Hangover

We all say we know our limits when it comes to drinking but if we did then we wouldn’t end up with a piercing hangover and a string of bad decisions most weekends. The idea of just having one drink sounds great in theory but we all know it doesn’t always end up like that.

The gadget we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. All you have to do is wear the BACtrack Skyn wristband on your night out and you are good to go.

Now before you put this in the too nerdy pile we have to tell you how this magical contraption works. The wristband measures the levels of ethanol released by your skin and when those levels reach a certain point it alerts you to put that wine glass down.

Does this mean that all of those bad decisions we make after one… or four too many wines is a thing of the past? It sounds like it!

This gadget just won an award from the National Institute of Health and the designers hope to release the BACtrack Skyn later this year. Hopefully in time for the party season!

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