On the subject of homeopathy, the CSU and Bavaria’s Green now make common cause

Can Globuli really reduce the use of antibiotics? To find out, according to the will of the Bavarian Landtag, a study. Help received the CSU, of all things, of the Green. The SPD shows horrified.

A medical study commissioned by the Bavarian state government to clarify, whether through homeopathic means, the use of antibiotics can be reduced. This was decided by the state Parliament on Thursday with the votes of the government parties of the CSU and the Free voters – supported by the votes of the Greens. “We are a bit stunned,” said the Bayern-SPD on Twitter.

In the plenary session of the resolution, which was discussed in connection with further action against so-called multi-resistant germs for controversy caused. Critics of homeopathy, emphasized that the study at best was superfluous.

CSU refers to studies

“The project of the Bavarian state government is negligent, because it is already the question suggests that homeopathic remedies such as Globules of multi-drug resistant could fight duck germs,” said Dominik Spitzer (FDP). So far, I can prove that no scientific study that homeopathic remedies had alone against ailments.

The CSU is referred to, in your amendments, among other things, on studies that have shown that through the use of homeopathic medicines, the use of antibiotics reduced or avoided could be. In addition, there is evidence that homeopathy “can be a useful method of treatment” for severely septic patients. They wanted to try everything, in order to reduce the number of deaths from antibiotics, said the CSU health expert Bernhard Seidenath.

Million Business Homeopathy

Among experts, the increased and partly imprecise use of antibiotics as one of the main pathogens causes for the spread of resistant disease. This, in turn, are a hazard for weakened hospital patients, such as intensive care units.

In the case of homeopathy, the medical substances can be mixed with water or Ethanol, until they are only contained in very small doses (approximately 1:1000) in the Product. The overwhelming majority of medical studies provides no indication that homeopathy exerts a medicinal effect beyond the Placebo effect also. Nevertheless, the Association of homeopathic Physicians (DZVhÄ) were reacted according to the German Central in 2018, in Germany, about 670 million euros, with homeopathic remedies.

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