No teeth, thin: Pair-fed daughter is vegan – now in prison threatens them

Because of the strict vegan diet of his little daughter, and one of the parents must reckon some from Australia, with a prison sentence. The girl was developed with more than one and a half years, so far as normal infants at the age of three months, as the Australian news Agency AAP reported on Thursday a court in Sydney.

According to witnesses, there had been 19 months still no teeth and weighed five kilograms.

Father and mother – whose age must not be named for legal reasons, now faces up to five years in prison, because they put the health of their daughter. From documents, it emerges that the Baby was fed with oatmeal, potatoes, rice, Tofu, bread, peanut butter and rice milk. In addition, it’s got fruit and raisins. The parents also agreed not to allow it to vaccinate.

With shaking seizure ended up in the hospital

The condition of the child fell first, as it had to be in may of 2018 with a shaking seizure to the hospital. It was then given to a foster mother and under medical control. Previously, it was since birth, never more to see the doctor. In the meantime, the girl is almost three years old, but it is only as big as a one-Year. It has gained a lot of weight. The foster mother said: "It is as if your body is calorie-stores – in case you need them again in the future."