Gut health: How often to Poop is normal and when to see the doctor?

Already farted? How much poop is normal?

It is perfectly normal for winds to form in the intestine, the need to find your output. Every person bloating has gone, several times a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes people suffer a lot about flatulence. The Affected must constantly belly, and the belly is cramping. We show in this article, when Poop is not normal and it is better to see a doctor. Because it can be hidden in addition to mainly less dangerous disorders or diseases is also a serious Suffering behind it.

Why stink some bloating so exceedingly uncomfortable?

It can be extremely embarrassing if we have to fart in Public. Especially when other people are present, a strong, smelly fart hard to hide. In such situations, we will be ashamed of us, of course. However, there are ways to reduce the strong smell. Researchers have found out why some of the winds of stink so strong.

Diet strongly affects the smell
Scientists have found in their investigation that our diet for the different types of odors when the winds are responsible. Some foods lead to strong smelly Flatulence, other foods to reduce bad odors. Farts are a mixture of 59 percent nitrogen, 21 percent hydrogen, 9 percent carbon dioxide, 7 percent methane and 4 percent oxygen. The oxygen generated either by swallowed air or by chemical reactions in the intestine. Researchers at the Monash University in Melbourne were able to determine that a product labeled cysteines is the main reason for foul-smelling farts. Cysteine is primarily found in dairy products, meat and eggs.

What starchy food is effected in the stomach?
The consumption of starch-containing food, forcing the human stomach, first, the starch is processed. So the focus is moved away from the Protein, which reduces the production of hydrogen sulphide in the end. „In principle, gas and bloating are a sign that the bowel arbeitet“, says Dagmar Mainz, spokesperson for the professional Association of gastroenterologists established. On average, we need eight to ten Times per day out of us. Why is Fart loud? The greater the pressure on the sphincter is, the louder the Fart is.

Quiet, Loud, Smelly, or Neutral
Whether quiet, loud, smelly, or neutral, depends on what we have eaten. „Raw food in the Form of fruit and vegetables, cereals and dairy products flatulence begünstigen&#8220 can;, Mainz explains. Flatulence can also cause foods such as legumes, cabbage, fresh bread and onions. „Large quantities of carbonated drinks can also for an increased gas content in the intestines sorgen“, Ursula Hilpert says-Mühlig, the professional Association of German alternative practitioners. Even if we have Stress, too hasty eating or too little for us to Move – all of this can also encourage frequent Occurrence of winds.

How much Farts are (still) normal?
Not a few people suffer from regular bloating. You think you’re constantly bloated and constantly have to let a lot of Farts. Who has pain more than 20 times he farts, and stomach, should consult a doctor. Some of the Bloated can be pronounced to be so strong that you get heart pain. Physicians call this phenomenon: „Roemheld-Syndrom“. Not infrequently, the Affected think, you are suffering a heart attack. It is the air, which presses on the diaphragm and thus causes discomfort.

There may be an incompatibility. „It can also intolerance around milk sugar or fruit sugar liegen“, explained Mainz. Milk sugar is found in cream, cheese, or ice cream. Fruit sugar in fruit.

Irritable bowel syndrome or food intolerances are sometimes the cause
A further possibility is the so-called irritable bowel. Around 30 percent of Germans suffer from the different forms of irritable bowel syndrome. So far, drugs do not help little, if at all. On duration of patients ‘ need to change your diet and find out which foods are responsible. The patients usually suffer bloating, diarrhea, sometimes constipation, and cramping pain in the intestinal area. But also in the stomach and esophagus may experience symptoms such as bloating after eating, stomach pain, heartburn, Nausea and vomiting. In many cases, foods are the trigger for the discomfort. Affected can then help an individual diet.

It is also possible that the intestinal flora is disturbed. In this case, the trillions of bacteria in the gut are out of their natural balance. Symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, bloating. Then the belly will help to give only food,. Sport can bring the intestines back into the swing and ensure that the seat come off the end of winds. A milk sugar intolerance is that it can be quickly determined with a Test at the doctor. The person concerned also, if the bloating occurs increasingly food after eating cheese or other milk. Cured a lactose intolerance, unfortunately, is not. However, the complaints by the waiver and the revenue can be reduced by lactate. Makes sense to avoid foods with milk sugar. „You do but best not on their own, but only after the doctor’s diagnosis, whether the diagnosis actually stimmt“, Bettina explains the sour of the Stiftung Warentest in Berlin. Because of the Same is also true for Fructose intolerance.

Simple home remedies for flatulence can help reduce the discomfort due to the distended belly. Helpful to have a wet-warm-envelopes proved to be. These are placed on the abdomen so that the intestines can calm down. It’s also a distraction from the stomach ache. Hilpert-Mühlig is recommended in case of flatulence the Four-winds-tea. Included are caraway and fennel seeds, peppermint leaves and chamomile flowers. In health food teas, are available. The tea should infuse for 10 minutes, then strain through a sieve to be cast. „Four cups should be drunk daily until improvement eintritt“, says Hilpert-Mühlig. The food should be well chewed, and not hastily eaten. Less Stress and plenty of rest and relaxation also help.

To avoid disturbing winds and the belly pinching, movement much use. Who moves regularly active or even athletic, has less problems with the intestines.