Natural healing: peppermint oil helps with swallowing, and chest pain

New study: Natural peppermint oil helps against many diseases

There are a variety of people who suffer from dysphagia and non-specific chest. In a recent investigation, it was now shown, such as natural peppermint oil can also relieve these symptoms, but only if you are not in connection with heart disease.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) have recently investigated whether peppermint oil is for the relief of complaints which are associated with dysphagia and non-cardiac chest pain. In this case, the research team was able to show that in 63 percent of the cases studied, the improvement of the complaints stopped. The results were recently Digestive in the journal “Diseases & Sciences“ will be presented.

New medical use of peppermint oil

As the researchers report, have the muscle relaxing properties of peppermint a therapeutic effect in several diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome. The effects on the upper digestive tract have been investigated only sparsely. The Team around Professor Dr. Donald O. Castell has now explored in a pilot study, the extent to which peppermint oil against swallowing complaints, and nonspecific chest pain.

Relaxed esophageal muscle, thanks to the peppermint

“Our results suggest that peppermint can prevent these symptoms by the muscles in the lower esophagus entspannt“, Dr. Donald O. Castell, explained in a press release of the study results. Almost two out of three patients showed before eating peppermint oil tablets revenue, an improvement of the complaints. In Affected individuals, who suffered from cramps in the esophagus, was the effect of the peppermint oil. 83 percent of the subjects, and subjects reported to feel better.

New Alternative to strong drugs

Esophageal spasm and non-specific chest pain are difficult to diagnose and treat it just as hard. Often several drugs tried, including antidepressants, and calcium channel blockers are against these complaints, in the hope that a Drug works. “Peppermint offers an attractive Alternative for patients with occasional symptoms,” stressed study author Dr. Mohamed Khalaf. People with chest pain, and swallowing problems, could the peppermint tablets are easy to take as needed.

First of all, heart disease excluded

Castell and the Khalaf have warned that patients must be first examined by a doctor, to possible heart disease as a cause be excluded, before using peppermint to treat. Since the study was a pilot study, exact dosages are not yet known. Also had to be carried out in a further study, the comparison with a Placebo.

Concerned may like to try

Until the official results are available, recommend the authors of the study that Affected, and should not be use with spastic disorders of the esophagus peppermint, if you suffer from a heart disease. “Given the low side effects, low cost and wide availability, there is no risk for the use of peppermint oil,” says Khalaf. For more information, read the article: mint – types, effect and application. (vb)