Emmy Rossum and Stephanie Beatriz Call Out Kim Kardashian for Bragging About Weighing 119 Lbs.

Emmy Rossum and Stephanie Beatriz were not happy with Kim Kardashian West for bragging about weighing just 119 lbs.

The actresses both called out Kardashian West on social media for posting videos where she was overjoyed to hear sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner say that she looks “really skinny” and “anorexic,” and tells them that she’s “down to 119 lbs.”

Rossum, 31, said she hit that weight when she was sick.

“The only time I was 119 pounds is when I had MONO. On a magazine shoot and everyone was ‘freaking out over how good’ I looked,” she said on her Instagram story. “I had lost ten pounds and was gaunt and sick and felt faint … It totally messed with my head.”

The Shameless star urged anyone who felt triggered by Kardashian’s post to do some self-care.

“You never know what someone is going through. If you’re having a tough time with body image, I promise you’re beautiful and this feeling will pass,” she said. “Today is just a moment. Practice some self-care and reboot. Take a bath. Take a walk. Take a yoga class. Make a healthy nutritious meal and watch your favorite funny movie. Tomorrow is another day.”

She clarified her comments later that day on Twitter to explain that she wasn’t criticizing anyone who weighs 119 lbs. — Rossum was taking issue with Kardashian’s pleasure at being called “anorexic.”

“To be clear, someone’s weight is between them and their health professionals. I have no opinion on this. My opinion is only on the danger of praising — even in jest — anorexia,” she tweeted.

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Rossum also reposted a few Instagram stories from Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Beatriz, who shared her experience with eating disorders.

“Kim Kardashian saying what she weighs and her sisters complimenting her being so skinny is like eating my brain rn,” Beatriz, 37, said. “There’s only one time in my life when I ever weighed 119 pounds. It was right in the middle of a terrible relationship, and intense eating disorder, and I thought that I could be thinner and look even better. Everyone kept complimenting me on how I looked, and I felt desperate to stay at that weight. It sucked.”

And both actresses reposted an Instagram from The Good Place‘s Jameela Jamil, who started a body-positive Instagram account after a previous incident involving the Kardashians and their weights.

“Dear the Kardashians. And every girl who looks to them for a reference of how to value themselves,” Jamil wrote alongside the photo, which said, “How much did Florence Nightingale weigh when she founded modern nursing? How much did Rosa Parks weigh when she took a seat on that bus? How much did Malala Yousafzai weigh when she started writing about the lives of girls in Pakistan living under Taliban rule? You don’t know? That’s the right answer! Because it doesn’t matter.”

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