Almost every third dog food falls through in the case of Stiftung Warentest

Which dog food should you buy?

If you buy food for your dog, you should expect large Differences in quality, depending on which dog food you acquire. A recent investigation of dog food out of a can and the so-called Barf-menus from raw meat has now revealed that about a third of the verified products section only with the poor.

An investigation of the Stiftung Warentest has shown that dog have food canned and frozen food for dogs raw meat is often of poor quality. Almost a third of all products was valued therefore unsatisfactory.

What kind of food you feed your dog? An investigation of the Stiftung Warentest showed that dog food is often of poor quality and does not have a reasonable supply of the dog allows. (Image: DoraZett/

31 different dog food were tested

Out of a total of 31 different forms of complete food for dogs not suitable nine as a complete feed, report the researchers. The question naturally arises: Which dog food is best for my dog, in order to provide him with all the important nutrients? In clarifying this issue, Stiftung Warentest, has found large quality differences of the investigated dog food. A total of 26 wet food for dogs and five so-called Barf were menus with raw meat out of the freezer, examined, and then evaluated. The grading ranged from very good to very poor.

This food was totally unsuitable for dogs

In the case of the cans with the moist food for dogs of four were considered unsuitable, and with the unsatisfactory rating. This feed does not allow for optimal care of the dogs, explain the researchers. It turned out that the on the packaging of specified quantities of feed were often suitable, and sometimes, such information was missing completely. Your Best four varieties of poultry, classic, acquirable in the case of dm, for example, contains more Iodine than the limit for animal feed at all, but this is too little to contain copper. Real Nature beef with potatoes and black caraway oil, which can be purchased from the provider of the Bowl, leads to the dogs, however, less than half of the necessary linoleic acid. In addition, it contains too little calcium, phosphorus and amino acids. Classic menu of organic chicken with millet of Hermann’s manufactory waived, to provide the dog with Vitamin D, also contained quantities of zinc, copper, Iodine, selenium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E, extremely low. Venison with Quinoa, pumpkin, pear, evening primrose oil provider heart dog contains no Vitamin D and leads to the dog only small amounts of selenium, Iodine, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E.

How was the entire grading?

In the Test of wet food, the Note was also a total of once, seven times, and the grade awarded is satisfactory, and eight times the grade of good. Six products were of such high quality, that Stiftung Warentest awarded the grade very good. Test winners were the products with the designation Gut&Cheap Juicy chunks of beef in a delicate Sauce of Edeka (particularly suitable for large dogs) and Orlando Schlemmer core Pie with beef, potatoes & Herbs from the provider of Lidl (particularly suitable for smaller dogs).

All of the Barf-menus were rated as being defective

Of the five investigated Barf menus all actually fell through the Test. Each of these products scored only a rating of poor. These products are important vitamins and minerals were missing for dogs substances, and often a high burden of germs was.

What care was taken in the Test?

Important for the Test and the grading of the products according to the Foundation’s test were, of course, the so-called nutritional quality of the dog food. For the determination of the grade of the product and also printed instructions for feeding, were statements that included packaging and harmful substances contained in advertising. (as)