Alcohol waiver: What happens after four weeks of abstinence in the body

Alcohol fasting before Easter

In our society, it has developed an alcohol culture, which is hardly imagine. The beer for the evening, a glass of wine for dinner or with friends in the Evening go for a drink. Therefore, many use the time of lent before Easter, to renounce to the alcohol. What this time brings, but really?

The renunciation of alcohol is worth

To simply give time over a period of time to the consumption of alcohol is always worth it. Because even the smallest amounts of alcohol can lead to organ damage, such as, for example, cell damage to the liver. Demonstrated is: the bigger the consumer, the more harmful it is. By the consumption of alcohol, the risks increase, particularly for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

What happens after two to four weeks of abstinence

Relatively quickly perceive and feel changes. Depending on the current drinking behaviour of light to stronger changes occur. But what exactly is in the body happens and how the body regenerates itself, many consumers are not aware of. So here’s a little Overview of what positive effects can occur, after which period of time.

After two weeks:

  • Better and deeper sleep,
  • lower calorie intake and thus, easier to Remove,
  • increased performance,
  • higher self-awareness through a targeted Implement the project,
  • Improvement of the immune system,
  • Stress removal.

After four weeks:

  • Reduction in blood pressure,
  • Improvement of skin appearance,
  • Increase of life energy.

Important: After a month of waiver should the quantities of Alcohol will not be rescheduled, but the future drinking behavior of the doctors ‘ recommendations. That is, at a minimum of two days of the week do not drink alcohol!

Psychological Effects

Alcohol waiver may, in addition to the physical effects, a considerable impact on our Psyche. In addition to the improvement of performance through better sleep and a higher self-consciousness, especially to increase Motivation, increased actions are urge to call mental clarity, stress reduction, emotional strength, increase the joy of life and increase social skills.

External Changes

Those who drink less alcohol, remains young for longer – both mentally and physically. This statement is explained by the fact that alcohol dehydrates and, consequently, the skin faster drying out, which leads, in turn, that it ages faster. The consequences are more wrinkles and impure skin. Furthermore, alcoholic drinks contain many calories and can therefore contribute to a faster increase in weight and that’s beauty. Especially in the typical problem zones such as the abdomen or the buttocks and the thighs are affected. Was previously consumed quite a lot of alcohol, you will be able to after a few weeks of resignation positive changes in terms of their own charisma to notice.

Consumer behaviour in sports

Sports and alcoholic beverages do not fit together poorly, since alcohol influences the efficiency, it is also important for the metabolism and building muscle counterproductive. Athletes should always ensure to not drink alcohol right after a workout.

In everyday life – how does that work?

In principle, the change of habits is very difficult. With small rewards for a certain period of time, you can simplify the time. Also by distractions of our own thoughts and the desire for alcohol passes. But basically, a ” NO ” to alcohol is not a shame and should be pronounced. No social occasion obliged to drink alcohol, in addition, there are countless alcohol-free Alternatives. (fm)